Chair of Agrarian Economics

Hrachya Grigoryan

Candidate of Sciences

Acting Chair


  • 74 Teryan Str., 0009, Yerevan, RA, ANAU, I building, room # 228, 230, 231, 232, 233
  • Tel. (37410) 52 28 46, int. 3-80, 3-89
  • [email protected]

The Chair of Agrarian Economics is considered to be the issuing for the students studying in the bachelor’s degree educational programs of “Agribusiness”, “Agricultural production economics and management”, “Agroeconomics and economics of food industry”, “Economics and management of food industry”,  “Commodity science and product quality expertise”, as well as “Marketing”, ” Commodity science and product quality expertise”, “Agrarian economics”, ” Economics of food industry ” for those studying in the master’s degree educational programs.

The daily main mission of around 25 lecturers of the chair is student-centered activity in the context of large-scale reforms implemented in the University. The vision of the chair’s development is aimed at the realization of such strategic goals as the preparation of competitive personnel for the country’s agri-food system, the continuous improvement of the quality of education, and the creation and development of a student-centered environment. The chair takes an active part in the implementation and software development of new and modern educational programs. Thus, in the 2019-2020 academic year, new and modern academic programs were developed and submitted for approval, those are: “Basics of Green Economy “, “Behavioral Economics”, “Digital Economy”, “Innovation Economy”, “Digital Marketing”, “Food Safety Systems Management”.

The professors of the chair carry out scientific research, and are also involved in discussions of various scientific topics. Many textbooks, hundreds of scientific articles and various educational-methodological works are the result of their scientific activity. It is interesting that the lecturers of the chair do their best to ensure the involvement of the best students in their scientific research. Most of the chair’s lecturers know foreign languages and are regularly trained in leading Armenian and foreign universities.

Being one of the main chairs of the University, the Chair of Agrarian Economics is one of the relatively young ones of the University: it was formed in 2018 as the result of the unification the Chairs of Theory of Economics, Economics of Agri-Food System, and the Chair of Commodity Science and Marketing. All three mentioned chairs have passed a rich path, recording serious successes in the direction of improving the educational process of the University and increasing the scientific and research potential.

Chair Staff

  1. Hrachya Zakoyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  2. Vachagan Melkonyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  3. Hasmik Janeryan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  4. Gohar Khachatryan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  5. Sergey Meloyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  6. Karine Malkhasyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  7. Maro Detloff – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  8. Alvard Matinyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  9. Lusine Yedigaryan – Candidate of Sciences, Lecturer
  10. Karine Mnatsakanyan – Candidate of Sciences, Lecturer
  11. Qristin Sahakyan – Candidate of Sciences, Lecturer
  12. Astghik Ghazaryan – Candidate of Sciences, Lecturer
  13. Meri Manucharyan – Candidate of Sciences, Lecturer
  14. Nona Kupelyants – Candidate of Sciences, Lecturer
  15. Davit Hovhannisyan – Candidate of Sciences, Lecturer
  16. Hrachya Grigoryan – Candidate of Sciences, Asistent
  17. Nona Grigoryan – Asistent
  18. Stella Gabrielyan- Asistent
  19. Naira Sargsyan – Asistent
  20. Martin Hovhannisyan – Asistent
  21. Ani Petrosyan – Asistent
  22. Diana Vardanyan – Asistent
  23. Marine Araqelyan – Specialist

Teaching subjects

Economics of natural resources
Digital Marketing
Food industry economics
Agriculture Economics
Basics of Green Economy
Economics of Natural Resources
Basics of theory of economics
Digital Economics
Theory of Economics
Agricultural markets analysis and pricing
Pricing in a market economy
Applied economics and business skills
Managerial Economics in Agribusiness
Commodity science of non-food products
Systems of technical regulations and standards of products
Legal bases and supervision for product technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment
Skills in the use of technical means used for researching the consumer properties of products
Forms of presentation of products description
Wine Marketing
Economics and marketing of agricultural products
Social safety and insurance
Global Supply Chain Management
International Agricultural Trade
State Economic Regulation
Transportation system Economics
Behavioral Economics
Basics of Marketing
Digital Marketing Apps
Commodity science of food products
Sales techniques
Marketing skills in trade
Basics of commodity science
Trading Economics
Classification of food products and consumer properties
Food product evaluation skills
Basics of ecotourism
Innovation Economics
Economics of CIS organizations
Agrarian innovation economy
International trade
International Agricultural Marketing Strategy
Economics of the wine industry