“Arabkir” Student Dormitory

In order for your housing application to be processed, you should

“Arabkir” Student Dormitory of ANAU offers the following conveniences: There are two beds, two chairs, 1 table in each room. There is a restroom on every floor, the bathroom (separate for girls and boys) is situated on the first floor. Rooms are heated by electrical heaters. The rental fee for ANAU students is 7000 AMD per month, and for students of other universities – 18000 AMD.
In order for your housing application to be processed, you must
Step 1. Take reference from Dean office,
Step 2. Submit an application, advertisement and passport copy to the Economic administration,
Step 3. Make the fee payment to ANAU bank account,
Step 4. Submit the payment order and payment check to the dormitory commandant,

Students from other universities must submit a petition in the name of the rector, write an application in the General department, and the rest of the procedure is the same.


37 Arabkir Str., 0051, Yerevan, RA
Phone: (+37410) 25 38 17
E-mail: [email protected]

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