Armenian National Agrarian University, the legal successor of Armenian Agricultural and Yerevan Zoo Veterinary Institutes, is the only higher education institution in our country that prepares specialists for the agricultural sphere. The mission of Armenian National Agrarian University is to become an outstanding and leading educational, scientific-research and consultative center in the RA and in the region, which mobilizes the resources in the fields of education and science, integrates the results of basic scientific researches. For this mission, University has to implement the following activities:

  • To ensure its general interests in the fields of education and science,
  • To integrate and develop scientific researches and educational process,
  • To ensure educational access for larger proportion of society,
  • To get integrated in the world higher educational system, as well as to collaborate with international community,
  • To provide qualified higher and post graduate education that meets the demands of society,
  • To stimulate knowledge and usage of modern technology, as well as to form market infrastructure activity,
  • To create a student-centered educational environment, to ensure multivectored development for future specialists.
The future of the university should be built taking into consideration high dynamics of social-economic development, Armenia’s entrance to the world economic platform, development of modern technologies in the spheres of social life, creation of information society in Armenia.
On its way of realization its mission the University has to overcome some difficulties and to implement above-mentioned important steps.