Faculty of Food Technologies

Smbat Daveyan

Doctor of sciences, Docent

Acting Dean


  • 74 Teryan, 0009, Yerevan, RA,
    Ia building, room #2
  • (+374) 10 52 52 34, int. 2-95
  • technologies@anau.am

The faculty of food technologies provides education for the future specialists of fast-developing agri-food complex. Safe and high-quality food is the one produced by skilled professionals. This field has a new challenge, which can be faced with multifactorial reforms. Our University implements reforms according to the newly established strategy for stable development. The faculty of food technology is a component of implementation of reforms according to the strategy of the University.
New curricula for a four-year education program have been launched since 2019-2020 academic year. The curricula are up to date and meet all the requirements and safety orders of food industry.
The goals of stable development of the Faculty are the followings:

High-quality education

Proper implementation of educational programs with the following criteria:
Total implementation of the tools of electronic platform in education process. Raising effectiveness of the platform by investing monitoring tools,
New level of lecturer-student relationship in the context of mutual responsibility,
Development and application of education quality monitoring in the faculty,
Monitoring and analysis of the infrastructure providing education service by including student structures,
Conducting quality raising processes of the academic personnel,
Implementation of modern methods of teaching,
Providing professional competence of academic personnel,
Assuring and control of modern technologies application in the academic processes,
Additional professional and general trainings’ organization for the students taught with the old educational programs,
Organization of study-visits at the professional chairs,
Organization of practical lessons in the educational-experimental farms of the University,
Providing trustworthy evaluation system by implementation of test system.


Science is a standard of education quality and it is the result of researches conducted by the faculty and students.
Development of modern ideas and application in the relevant fields.
Promotion of the activity of Student Science Society perfectly using the material and technical base of the University
Organization of tastings of new products represented by all specialties,
Scientific-research reports should be considered the result and standard for quality of the faculty’s activity and implement promotion criteria as evaluation,
Development of practical and applicable diploma papers and master’s theses according to the issues of the relevant fields,

Assuring the active involvement of the academic personnel in different programs aiming to promote scientific activities,
Co-development of interdisciplinary scientific programs,
Organization of short-term workshops in all specialties,
In result of reforms of professional education programs the graduates will gain practical skills along with professional skills: that will allow students to meet the requirements of the labor market.

Deputy Dean

Anna Petrosyan

(+374 10) 525234, (+374 95) 526234, int. 295

Operations assistant

Marine Galstyan

(+374 10) 525234, (+374 95) 526234, int. 295

Operations assistant

Lusine Khachatryan

(+374 10) 525234, (+374 95) 526234, int. 295

History of the Faculty

Armenian National Agrarian University is the only higher education institution preparing specialists for food industry and agricultural raw-material processing.
In 1960 faculty of milk and dairy of engineer-technologists was established at Yerevan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Institute. The dean of the faculty was T. Gabrielyan.
The faculty of Horticulture of Armenian Agricultural Institute has prepared wine and canning technologists since 1964-1965 academic year.
The faculty of technologies was founded in 1995 at AAA, in 2002 at ANAU the faculty of food technologies was established.
The availability of material and technical bases are important for students’ trainings quality.

Students’ educational and industrial practices are held in leading food industry companies of RA and scientific-research centers of ANAU.

The faculty collaborates with Russian State Agrarian University after K. Timirazev, Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnologies and Moscow Diary Production Scientific Research Institute.