Faculty of Food Technologies

Smbat Daveyan

Doctor of sciences, Docent



The Faculty of Food Technologies of ANAU trains agri-food system specialists who serve the rapidly developing sector of the food industry. Safe and quality food requires a professional with high abilities and skills, formed in an appropriate educational environment. The sector offers new challenges that can be solved by multifactorial reforms, which is already a reality in the university by a new strategy, fixed by sustainable development goals. A component part of its implementation is the Faculty of Food Technologies, whose development plan is derived from the strategy adopted by the university.

Since 2019-2020 academic year, the new curriculums for four-year educational programs, which are up-to-date in content, satisfy the requirements of the latest technologies and safety of the food industry.

From the point of view of training qualified technologists, the presence of a well-equipped material and technical base is important, which fully meets the requirements of laboratory, seminar, practical training and the performance of students’ research work.

The faculty cooperates with State Agrarian University after K.A. Timiryazev in Russia, Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology and Research Institute of Dairy Industry in Moscow.

The goals of sustainable development of the faculty are the followings:

High-quality education

Proper implementation of educational programs with the following components:
Full use of the electronic platform in the educational system with all the tools. Increasing the efficiency of using the given platform through the implementation of the monitoring system.
New level of lecturer-student relationship in the context of mutual responsibility.
Development and application of education quality monitoring in the faculty.
Monitoring and analysis of the activity of infrastructures providing educational services by including student facilities as well.
Ensuring the continuity of the process of improving the qualifications of teaching staff through professional trainings.
Application of modern teaching methods.
Providing the professional competence of teaching staff.
Ensuring and controlling the transparency of educational activities using modern technologies.
Organization of additional professional and general courses for students studied with the old educational programs.
Organization of educational – cognitive visits to appropriate places in professional chairs.
Organization of practical classes in the educational – experimental farms of the University.
Providing credible evaluation by inputting a testing system.


Science is a measure of quality education as the result of professorial and student research work:
Development of innovative thinking and contribution to the relevant field.
Stimulating the work of the Student Science Society with the full use of the modernized logistical base of the University.
Organizing annual individual degustation of new products presented by all specialties.
To define scientific research works as a work result and quality criterion for the teaching staff, and the introduction of incentive criteria as a priority assessment.
Implementation of diploma papers and master’s theses of practical significance according to the existing issues in the relevant fields.
Ensuring the active involvement of teaching staff in various programs aiming to promote scientific research activities with the inclusion of students.
Joint development of interprofessional scientific programs.
Organization of short-term master’s courses in all specialties.
In the result of the implementation of the reforms, the graduate with the new professional educational programs will gain not only professional skills, but also with practical skills, which will make him competitive in the labor market.

Deputy Dean

Anna Petrosyan

(+374 10) 525234, (+374 95) 526234, int. 295
[email protected]

Operations assistant

Marine Galstyan

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Deputy Dean

Andranik Harutyunyan

(+374 10) 52 52 34, int. 2-95
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Operations assistant

Heriknaz Hoveyan

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Fermentation Technology and Winemaking
Food technology
Food Safety


History of the Faculty

The Armenian National Agrarian University is the only university in the country training specialists for branch productions of food industry and processing of agricultural raw-material processing. In 1960 the faculty for engineering technologists of milk and dairy was established at Yerevan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Institute. The dean of the faculty was T.M. Gabrielyan.

Since the 1964-1965 academic year, the Faculty of Horticulture of the Armenian Agricultural Institute also prepares wine and canning technologists.

In 1995 The Faculty of Technologies was founded in the Armenian Agricultural Academy, and in 2002 The Faculty of Food Technologies was established at ANAU.