Faculty of Agribusiness and Economics

Eduard Ghazaryan

Doctor of Sciences, Professor

Acting Dean


The faculty of agribusiness and economics with its chairs of Agrarian Economics, Agribusiness management and policy, Finance and accounting, Data science and Social sciences, prepares high-quality bachelors, masters, and PhDs in Economics.
The dean house organizes academic programs’ implementation for over 13 specialties of bachelors, masters and post graduate studies.
Since 2020-2021 academic year students’ enrollment has been held in 2 directions – “Agroeconomics” and “Agribusiness and finance”.
During education future specialists study modern subjects, they take practical lessons in the last semester to get hands-on knowledge, participate in the activities of the student scientific society, and in result completely competent specialist will graduate from the faculty meeting all the requirements of the labor market. Graduates create their successful careers at the leading organizations of the agri-food system, national economy subdivisions, banking and taxation systems.
During master study students will continue gaining theoretical and practical knowledge by being part of scientific and research activities. Most of the graduates of the master’s program expand scientific-pedagogical activity, they work and teach at Armenian National Agrarian University. “Agrarian Management” master’s program in framework of the faculty has been implemented over 20 years. The project provides two diplomas one from Armenian National Agrarian University, and the other from Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences.
The faculty often organizes demonstration lessons for the production representatives, famous scientists from Armenia and abroad. International cooperation ties with foreign universities are multi-content. The professors and students of the faculty regularly make presentations at the events, conferences, seminars, discussions and TV bridges organized in different universities.
The Faculty of Agribusiness and Economics implements a policy aimed at strengthening its positions, ensuring external attractiveness, increasing competitiveness in the field of higher education and achieving high indicators in all priority areas.

Deputy Dean

Liana Khachatryan

(+374 93) 438008, int. 3-77

Operations assistant

Lyusya Bazeyan

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Deputy Dean

Manya Karapetyan

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Operations assistant

Marine Matevosyan

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History of the faculty

Upon the decision of the Board of Trustees made during the session on November 6 the faculty of Agribusiness and Economics was established as a result of the unification of the faculties of Agribusiness and Marketing and Economics.

Faculty of Economics was established in 1967 and S.Titanyan was appointed as acting dean, and V.Grigoryan was elected as dean in 1968. Later S.Titanya, G.Davtyan, L.Margaryan also worked in the position of dean. Since 2009 E.Ghazaryan has been working as a dean. Such scientists as A. Marukhyan, P.Voskerchyan, M.Gevorgyan, A.Kirakosyan, S.Hakhverdyan, V.Qlyan have had a great contribution to the development of the educational process in the Faculty of Economics. Currently, the faculty has about one thousand students.

As the practical side of knowledge could lead to a deeper understanding of a concept through the act of putting ideas to the test and gauging the validity of theoretical claims, students in this faculty receive practical skills. And the industrial trainings are held in the leading industrial, agricultural organizations.

The faculty staff implements scientific researches in the direction of the following topics; improvement of agrifood organization industry, small and medium enterprise development measures, importance of cooperatives for the RA Ministry of Agriculture, effectiveness improvement methods, problems concerning optimal operation and functioning, methodology of their solution, improvement methods for management in enterprises and etc..

Professors and docents of the faculty supervise 40 Ph.D. students including students from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Lecturers are engaged in active scientific works.
The results of the researches are summarized in scientific articles. Some scientific suggestions have been implied in the industry. More than 100 monographs, 25 textbooks, hundreds of brochures, methodical instructions were published.
In recent years works have been done in the direction of educational process improvement.

After graduation students find appropriate jobs in the field of their specializations. The students of the faculty make interesting speeches, reports and receive certificates. In academic year 2013-2014 reports by faculty students have been published in international and local scientific journals.