Chiar of General Chemestry

Lusine Harutyunyan

Doctor of Sciences, Docent

Acting Chair


  • 74 Teryan Str., 0009, Yerevan, RA
    ANAU, I building, room #401, 408
  • int. 3-38
  • [email protected]

The Chair of the General Chemistry is of a great impotence for ANAU Scientific educational system, as it is a basis for a range of the most specialties of the University.

The chair carries out educational works with ANAU Faculties of Food Technologies, Agronomy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry, Faculty of Agrarian Engineering for all the specialties.

“General Chemistry”, “Organic Chemistry”, “Physical and colloid Chemistry” subjects are taught at the chair. Chair laboratories equipped with modern equipment allow to provide practical knowledge according to the modern requirements. Highly qualified specialists, who are the authors of numerous teaching-methodological, scientific-methodological works, educational guides, scientific articles are included in the teaching staff of the chair.

In 2013 on O. Kamalyan’s initiative and collaborating with faculty of chemistry of YSU research center of physical and colloidal chemistry was established, where researches are carried out on discovering new spheres of application of waste of agricultural raw materials.

The Chair of General Chemistry has a great potential for cooperation with different chairs of ANAU, particularly in the fields of simplification of alcoholic beverages, water purification and agroecology. Today the chair cooperates with a number of universities and scientific organizations of the Republic, particularly with Faculties of Chemistry, Physics, Biology of the Yerevan State University, Institute of Pharmacy, Armenian State Pedagogical University After Khachatur Abovyan, Vanadzor State University, Goris State University, “Armbiotechnology” Scientific and Production Center of SCI, Molecular Structure Research Center Of Scientific Technological Center Of Organic And Pharmaceutical Chemistry, as well as with Institute of General and inorganic chemistry of Belarus Academy of Sciences,  Kazan State University, Tver State University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Tbilisi State University.

The chair closely collaborates with high schools in RA: lectures on chemical topics of interest and experimental training seminars to high school students are regularly organized.

Chair Staff

  1. Oleg Kamalyan – Doctor of sciences, Professor
  2. Roza Qarimyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  3. Naira Avdalyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  4. Parandzem Minasyan – Candidate of sciences, Assistant
  5. Verjine Sarkeziyan – Candidate of sciences, Assistant
  6. Roza Shainova- Candidate of sciences, Assistant
  7. Marine Hayrapetyan – Lecturer
  8. Sevda Mkhitaryan – Assistant
  9. Marieta Avanesyan – Senior laboratory assistant
  10. Almeria Harutyunyan – Senior laboratory assistant
  11. Gayane Khurshudyan – Senior laboratory assistant
  12. Siranush Harutyunyan – Junior laboratory assistant
  13. Lilit Stepanyan – Specialist


Non Organic and analytic chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Physical and colloid chemistry
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Toxicological chemistry
Determination of environmental chemicals and separation by chromatographic method