Chair of Forestry and Agroecology

Marine Markosyan

Candidate of Sciences, Docent



  • 74 Teryan Str., 0009, Yerevan, RA, ANAU, I building, room #209, 211, 413, 414, 415, 418
  • (+37412) 56 20 01, Int 3-64, 3-34, 3-97
  • [email protected]

According to the resolution of ANAU Board of Trustees on November 6 at 2018, the Chair of Forestry and Agroecology was established as a result of the unification of the chairs of Forestry and Agroecology.

The Chair of Agroecology was established in 1999. The founder of the chair was Professor E.M. Hayrapetyan.

In 2008-2018 the chair was headed by S.D., Professor M.H. Galstyan.

Scientific, academic-methodological and research activity is being implemented at the chair along with the improvement of educational programs and their adaptation to international standards.

The Problem Laboratory of Agroecology, within the framework of cooperation with the universities of Fresno and New Jersey (since 2011) in USA, implements the extensive scientific program “Development of technologies for the production of ecologically safe plant products in man-made contaminated soils of RA”.

Since 2014 the chair has implemented “Waste management and environmental protection” a three-year educational program with EU funding in cooperation with the Chair of Chemical ecology of YSU and the Chair of Healthcare ecology of Russian-Armenian Slavonic State University.

Since 2010, in the result of cooperation with Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, three or five young lecturers, graduate students and master’s students of the chair undergo training in the annual summer ecological school, six lecturers have been trained online, trainings of master’s students (learning within the TEMPUS program) are held in Portugal and Spain.

The Chair of Forestry was established in 2003 on the basis of the Chair of Agroecology. The founder and the first head of the chair was J.H. Vardanyan, RA NAS correspondent, doctor of biological sciences, professor. Before the establishment of the chair Professor P.A. Khurshudyan made a great contribution to the training of forestry specialists. He undertook and participated in restoring the specialty of “Forest-park-garden farming”, previously operating in the institute. Along with the improvement of educational programs, the chair also carries out scientific and educational works.

The chair carries out research activities in the direction of modern problems of forestry and greening of settlements, it also closely cooperates with various scientific and educational institutions, especially the Institute of Botany of RA NAS, as well as the botanical gardens of Yerevan, Vanadzor and Sevan, which serve as a scientific research and educational base. The chair carries out thematic researches on preservation and restoration of degraded forests of the republic, also concerning the improvement of species composition of the dendroflora of green plantings in Yerevan and increase of decorative qualities of bioecological aspects. Almost the whole staff of the chair is involved in these activities. The Forest Engineering School of Agricultural University of Sweden, with which close cooperation ties have been established since 2002, provided great support in the creation of the educational base of the chair. Over the years, the chair has been active in training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, enhancing their qualification, equipping the laboratories with new equipment, and creating educational and methodological literature. The University of Agricultural Sciences of Sweden (2004-2007) also provided support in this matter.

Chair Staff

  1. Artsvi Grigoryan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  2. Samvel Tamoyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  3. Hrant Khachatryan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  4. Hasmik Khurshudyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  5. Anjela Mkrtchyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  6. Karine Sargsyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  7. Artur Alaverdyan – Candidate of Sciences, Lecturer
  8. Areg Karapetyan – Candidate of Sciences, Lecturer
  9. Lusine Matevosyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  10. Armenuhi Paronyan – Candidate of Sciences, Assistant
  11. Zarine Tarkhanyan – Assistant
  12. Davit Abovyan – Assistant
  13. Gayane Tarayan – Specialist
  14. Astghik Hovhannisyan- Specialist
  15. Hripsime Miqayelyan – Assistant
  16. Margarita Yeghyan – Assistant
  17. Elmira Zaqaryan- Assistant-Specialist


Agrilandscape Science
Basics of Ecology
Environmental Impact assessment and Ecological Norming
Organization of Plantation
Forest Improvement of Landscapes
Landscape Design and Gardening
Forest Resource Assessment and Sustainable Management
Forestry Information Technology and Remote Probing
Forestry Studies
Forestry Use and Logging
Forest-gardens and Recreational Plants
Forest Improvement
Monitoring of Environment Polution
Agriecology and Environmental Protection
Forest Cultures and Reforestation
Global Warming and Forest Ecosystems
Forest Inventory
Protection of Environment
RA Forest Cadaster, Monitoring and Forest Legislation
Landscaping and Design of Residences
Natural Use and Ecological Degradation
Forest Seeding Studies
Decorative Dendrology and Floriculture
Basics of Ecology
Current Issues of Biodiversity Protection
Environmental Protection Systems
Forest Ecology
Integrated Natural Resource Management and Climate
Forest Eco-Systems
Forestry and Forest Improvment
Landscape Gardening and Design
Sustainable Agri-Eco Systems
Sustainable Development of Agri and Rural Areas
Sustainable Agrifood Systems
Climate Risk Management in Precision Agriculture
Forest Value Chains
Urban Forest Management
Creation and Implementation of Scientific Research Programs and Sectoral Strategies
Social Foundation of Sustainable Agriculture
Knowledge-based Economy and Sustainable Development
Inclusive Value Chains and Sustainable Infrastructural Institutions
Agricultural Innovation and Advisory Systems
Sustainable Forest Management and Policy