Chair of Therapy, Diagnostics and Pharmacology

Karine Sukiasyan

Candidate of Sciences, Docent



The chair of therapy, diagnostics and pharmacology was established in 2017 as a result of structural changes made at Armenian National Agrarian University. The chair is K. Sukisayan.
The chair of Therapy, Diagnostics, and Pharmacology was founded in 1930. The founder and the first head of the chair was V. Bitskin. Later the chair was headed by L. Yakushkin, P. Hovhannisyan, G. Grigoryan, A. Manasyan. The chair of Diagnostics was established in 1930 by Mikhaylov, and in 1935 chair of obstetrics, gynecology and artificial insemination was established, the first head of the last one was M. Dyomin, later professors M. Lenovin, A. Vardanyan, docent S. Yeremyan, A. Bayburtsyab, A. Manasyan, A. Manvelyan headed the chair. Since 1996, the chair has been training artificial insemination-gynecologists. After taking the course future specialists take exams and if they pass the exam they get qualification of artificial insemination-operator.
In 2007-2017 the chair of surgery and obstetrics was headed by G. Serobyan. Scientific researches are being conducted at the chair that involve studies in the following directions; antibiotics’ effects on the protection system, development, and application of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and modern methods of digestive, respiratory, nervous systems of agricultural animals and birds.
More than 1900 scientific researches, including 350 articles on pharmacology, 100 methodological instructions, 9 textbook, and educational manuals were published.

Chair Staff

  1. Albert Vardanyan – Doctor of Sciences, Professor
  2. Susanna Gyulnazaryan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  3. Anahit Margaryan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  4. Gayane Petoyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  5. Erik Nikoghosyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  6. Astghik Badalyan – Candidate of Sciences, Docent
  7. Vrezhik Khotsanyan – Lecturer
  8. Gayane Petrosyan – Lecturer
  9. Lusine Chobanyan – Assistent
  10. Meri Amirkhanyan – Assistent
  11. Lyudmila Novak – Specialist
  12. Anna Kirakosyn – Specialist
  13. Nune Sanasaryan – Specialist
  14. Gayane Kostandyan – Specialist


Internal Non-Infectious Diseases
Veterinary and clinical pharmacology
Clinical diagnostics and X-ray
Pets, laboratory and exotic animals
Maternity, gynecology and biotechnology
General Surgery
Operative Surgery
Private surgery
Orthopedics and Ophthalmology: