Division of Information Systems Management

Vadim Panin

Division head


The main activity of the division is directed towards development, support and management of the official websites of the University, investment of teaching and educational programs, realization of internal document circulation, as well as service and management of technical systems, creation of joint information net, as well as management and further development of University’s e-mail system.
One of the main priority tasks for this department is the creation of new official website and its further development in framework of investing new technologies, creation and application of electronic dean offices has a great importance which will be a motivation factor for the development of educational processes. The implementation of electronic dean offices’ pilot system has a big importance for the development of e-learning system at the University. A range of leading local universities study the experience of ANAU and now they are applying the same system at their universities. The main direction of the division activity is continuous improvement of the official website.