Chair of Veterinary Sanitary Expertise, Food Safety and Hygiene

Siranush Altunyan


Candidate of Sciences, Docent



The chair of Veterinarian sanitary expertise, food safety and hygiene is of major chairs of the faculty of Veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. The object of the subjects of the chair is the examination of animal and plant food origin and ensuring safety. It is carried out both by sanitary expertise and by application of sanitary and hygienic measures that promote production of safe food. The subjects of the chair help the future specialists to have in-depth skills in developing and providing animals and birds normal keeping and care which is an important prerequisite for increasing animal productivity and disease prevention. They also contribute to the correct differentiation of food safety indicators, which characterizes their risk in the process and implementation of the HACCP system.

Within the framework of researches conducted by the staff and master degree students research activities have been carried out in the direction of sanitary expertise of various foodstuff.

The chair staff actively participates in international, republican professional conferences, scientific-methodological conferences, as well as regularly participates in training courses both in the country and abroad.

The chair closely collaborates with a number of accredited laboratories of the Republic equipped with modern equipment, where laboratory-practical classes of relevant subjects are held.

The aim of the chair is to prepare competitive specialists of the field.

Chair staff

  1. Garegin Hambardzumyan- Candidate of sciences, Docent
  2. Arevik Abovyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  3. Sona Arzumanyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  4. Gayane Petrosyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  5. Armine Ghazaryan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  6. Haykush Araqelyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  7. Arman Gevorgyan – Candidate of sciences, Lecturer
  8. Vahan Hovhannisyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  9. Sona Tsarukyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  10. Davit Pipoyan – Candidate of sciences, assistant
  11. Tamara Babakhanyan – assistant
  12. Mane Shushanyan – assistant
  13. Tatevik Sargsyan – assistant
  14. Roza Harutyunyan – Specialist, assistant
  15. Knarik Abovyan – Specialist


Veterinary sanitation expertise
Animal welfare and hygiene
Food safety
Food safety and expertise
Food control and expertise
Examination of plant-based products
Examination (Plant, animal)
Food risk analysis
Food production hygiene
Requirements of Food Quality and Safety
Effects of food on public healthcare
Public healthcare
Risk analysis
Academic literacy and research methods
Methodology of science research
Animal-Based Food and Raw Material Expert Examination and Safety
Plant raw material and products expertise
Examination and safety of plant products and raw materials
Disinfection and decontamination
General requirements of Zoohygiene
Animal-Based Food and Raw Material Expertise
Food adulteration and prevention
Biological risk assessment
Fundamentals of Food Examination