Chair of General Geoponics

Ruzanna Manukyan

Candidate of Sciences, Professor



  • 74 Teryan Str., 0009, Yerevan, RA
    ANAU, I building, room #314
  • (37412) 52 37 72, Int 3-65
  • [email protected]

The chair of General Agriculture is one of the fundamental chairs of Armenian National Agrarian University. The chair of General Agriculture was established on the bases of unification of two chairs – General Agriculture and soil science, and Agrochemistry.
Professor P. Qalantaryan, by his own efforts, founded the chair of agrochemistry in the structure of the faculty of Agriculture of YSU in 1922, which was carried over to newly established Armenian Agricultural Institute. The chair was divided into three chairs, – agrochemistry, microbiology, and soil science. Since 1931 the chair was headed by dean of the faculty of agronomy, then by E. Movsisyan, R. Harutyunyan, professor, and decent S. Yeritsyan. In 1989 the chairs of soil science and agrochemistry were unified into the chair of soil science and agrochemistry, which was headed by Professor E. Hayrapetyan until 1994.
In 1994, after the establishment of Armenian Agricultural Academy, the chairs of Agriculture and soil science and agrochemistry were unified into the chair of general Agriculture, which was headed by Professor R. Harutyunyan, then by R. Manukyan, professor, until 2004.
In 2004 upon the decision of Scientific Council of AAA, the chair of General agriculture was named after G. Aghajanyan. During the last years more than 1500 scientific reports, more than 150 publicly available textbooks, 25 monographs, which have fundamental significance, 12 textbooks, 8 educational manuals, 50 methodological instructions. The Chair is one of the scientific-methodological centers dealing with clarification of various issues of agriculture, soil science and agrochemistry of the Republic. Scientific researches, generally, refer to systems of agriculture, biological characteristics of weeds, hydrophysical characteristics of arable lands, water coverage of the Republic, soil melioration, meliorated sodium, recovery of derogated soils, development of patterns of erosion, and fighting measures. In result of studies, suggested experiments were implemented in agricultural production, they strengthen the connection between scientist and farmer.

Chiar Staff

  1. Ruzanna Manukyan – Candidate of sciences, Professor
  2. Vigen Papinyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  3. Hunan Ghazaryan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  4. Hamspyur Ghukasyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  5. Azganush Hovhannisyan – Candidate of sciences, Docent
  6. Susan Mamajanyan – Candidate of sciences, Lecturer
  7. Hovsep Grigoryan- Candidate of sciences, Lecturer
  8. Zaruhi Shekoyan – Lecturer
  9. Narine Mirzoyan – Lecturer
  10. Aregnaz Nazaretyan – Assistant
  11. Katerina Tserunyan – Senior laboratory assistant
  12. Marine Hovhannisyan – Senior laboratory assistant


Agriculture Basics
Meliorative Agriculture
Agriculture on the bases of agrochemistry
Agriculture zoning systems
Soil Science on the bases of agrochemistry
Soil science
Soil Science and Landskape Gardening
New technologies of land melioration
Ground-based soil science
Organic farming basics
Fundamentals of Scientific Research in Agronomy
Scientific methodology