Shirak Agricultural College after Academician S.Tumanyan

Gagik Vardanyan



In 1922 Industrial Technical College, founded on the basis of Alekpol Trade College, had three departments; agricultural, electro-technical and engineering. In 1924 Leninakan Technical College was founded, which in 1970 was renamed into Hatsik Sovkhoz Technical College, in 1989 – Hatsik Soviet Farm Technical College, in 1992 – Hatsik State Farm Technical College, in 1996 – Akhuryan State Agricultural College, in 2000 – Shirak Agricultural College after Academician S. Tumanyan. In 2012 it has been included in the structure of Armenian National Agrarian University, as a branch.
There are full-time and part-time programs at the College. Graduates can work in the following fields


Transportation system organization and management (Vehicle traffic)

  • Manager – traffic organization
  • Technician – vehicle transportation organization
  • Controller – transport activity
  • Agent – transportation organization
  • Public worker – office worker, accompaniment & porter service:



  • Accountant – at trade and non-trade organizations
  • Chief accountant – small and middle enterprises


  • Head of trade division, staff management
  • Trade promotion organizer – manger
  • Trade organizer – manger


Commodity Science

  • Organizer of product development activities
  • Service center supervisor
  • Sales and sales point development coordinator
  • Market research analyst


Meat and Meat Product Technology

  • Technologist of animal acceptance and slaughtering
  • Raw Material Quality Control Technician supervisor of technological processes
  • Coordinator – auxiliary worker job coordination
  • Servicing of raw materials, equipment, containers, technical means and control of sanitary and hygienic condition


Expertise of consumer goods quality

  • Consumer goods quality expert, commodity specialist
  • Product conformity assessment specialist
  • Quality control specialist of the production organization



  • Compulsory Enforcement Service Inspector
  • Secretary of the court, secretary of the session
  • Insurance agency, notary office employee
  • Advocate office specialist

The college leads an active social life. A range of events are being organized – meetings, sports competitions etc.