Projects Implemented within the Framework of Tempus Programme

Tempus is an EU program aimed at actualization of the system of higher education. TEMPUS supports projects that are intended to restructure and develop academic programs and educational materials, modernize educational institution and improve university administration. Tempus provides this support through financial grants directed to extend the cooperation between higher education institutions in the EU and the Partner Countries in the fields which have been defined as a priority and which are in line with the overall socio-economic reform process of these countries.
The Armenian National Agrarian University has implemented the following programs within the Tempus Program:

LeAGUe - A Network for Developing Lifelong Learning in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine

Within the framework of LeAGUe project, a lifelong learning organization framework and a system of methods has been developed in the partner universities of the above mentioned three partner countries for promoting lifelong learning process, “LLL Expert Portal” has been created and two pilot courses have been implemented by ANAU on “Wine Tourism: Agritourism in Armenia” and “Geographical Information Systems”.

ARMENQA - Implementation of National and Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks in Armenia

The project aims at enhancing the employability of Armenian Higher Education Institutions’ graduates and facilitating recognition of the Armenian qualifications in labour market both at national and international levels. Works have been carried out for the capacity building of main stakeholders of the NQF such as HEIs, students and graduates, employers and labour market representatives, state regulatory bodies and social partners and for development of the national model and methodological basis for the establishment and piloting of SQFs in Armenia.

SuToMa - Development of New Modules for International Bachelor and Master Programmes in Sustainable Tourism Management

The project is called to modernize curriculum in the field of sustainable tourism management and to develop a common approach aimed at sustainable development. Within the framework of the project a number of ANAU staff members have been trained in the project partner countries and have applied their knowledge in the development of new bachelor and master programs of new specialization on “Agritourism”, as well as an appropriate auditory has been furnished.

GOVERN - Autonomy and Responsibility. Development of a Modern Higher Education Management System Aimed at the Initiation of Effective Changes in Accordance with the Bologna Standards

The main goal of the project is to improve the management system at Armenian HEIs in accordance with the Bologna standards through initiating the effective changes which, in its turn, will lead to the strengthening of the university autonomy and responsibility.
The project has been implemented the main goals directed to the strengthening of the university autonomy and responsibility through the following actions:

Strengthening the capacity of administrative staff aimed at the effective changes of the system;
Revising of the legal (system-wide level) and supervision (at the university level) frameworks, in the line the Bologna process.

HEN-GEAR - Higher Education Network for Human Capital Assessment and Graduate Employability in Armenia

The goal of the project is to contribute to the process of higher education reform in the Eastern Neighbourhood Region through the provision of quality assurance and employment of graduates.
Within the framework of the project the following processes were implemented:

Creation of an information database;
Creation of graduate profiles and research;
Research of graduates working conditions;
Creating a qualitative system of graduate employment.

LaManche - Leading and Managing Change in Higher Education

The main objective of the project is to promote the modernization of higher education through enhancement of leadership and managerial capacities in participating universities, improvement of effective dialogue aimed at reforms in the higher education among relevant stakeholders and ensuring of students’ active involvement in decision making process at the universities. Within the framework of the project a number of trainings on “Development of Leadership Skills” have been organized for the university academic staff, a series of guidelines have been developed directed to the changes in higher education, a database of external stakeholders and a virtual expert portal have been created, as well as ANAU students have been participated in the summer school organized at the University College of Bulgaria.

GIDEC - Geographical Information Technologies for Sustainable Development in Eastern Neighbouring Countries

Within the framework of the project, the higher education in the field of geodesy and geo-informatics has been improved in Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova, existing curricula on geodesy has been revised, new curriculums and training materials have been developed, six new GIS (Geographical Information Systems) laboratories has been established, as well as the relevant personnel has been trained through the intensive training courses.

MAPB - Master's Degree Program in Applied Biology

As a result of cooperation between several leading universities and institutions in Armenia, Georgia and Europe a new Master Program in Applied Biology has been developed within the framework of the project. Several students have been trained at the partner universities, as well as a Laboratory of Applied Biosciences has been established at ANAU.

Education Reforms on Veterinary Studies towards European Standards (TEMPUS JEP-27113-2006)

Within the framework of the project, education programs on veterinary studies have been revised in accordance with the European standards, as well as the relevant technical means and resources have been developed to improve the quality of veterinary education in the university.

Introduction of Environmental Studies in the South Caucasus (JEP-23193-2002)

Within the framework of the project environmental education programs of partner HEIs have been developed and reviewed, a collaborative network for dissemination of information and exchange of experience on environmental issues, as well as training of relevant personnel has been implemented in the region of South Caucasus.

Economic Education Reforms in the Armenian Agricultural Academy (JEP-21203-2000)

Within the framework of the project, “Agrarian Policy and Regional Development”, “Agribusiness and Marketing”, “Agrifood System Consultancy and Information” specializations have been included in the ANAU academic system, a Language Center and Digital Library system have been established. These programs were im plemented with the partner universities of Hohenheim (Germany) and Wageningen (the Netherlands).


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