Cost of Living and Transportation

Cost of Living

The monetary unit of Armenia is the dram (AMD). The rent for an apartment in Yerevan costs approximately 80 000 AMD (≈142 €) per month or higher. Food prices vary from fast food chains to national restaurants offering dishes from approximately 1000 AMD (≈1.9 €) to 10 000 AMD (≈20 €) or higher.


In Armenia there are all types of public transport except trams. Metro has only one line and 10 stations. The cost is 100 AMD (≈0.2 €). Mini-buses and buses go to all parts of the city from different bus stations. The cost is 100 AMD (≈0.2 €). As for taxis, 1km costs 100-120AMD (≈0.2 €) with a minimum price of 500-600AMD (≈0.9-1.1 €). Zvartnots International Airport is located 12 km west from Yerevan. The cost to get there is approximately 3000 AMD (≈6 €) by taxi or 300 AMD (≈0.6 €) by bus.

Mobile Operators in Armenia

There are 3 major mobile network operators in Armenia.


Armenia is the 62th, among 128 countries, in terms of safety (World’s Safest Countries 2019, Global Finance): (World’s Safest Countries 2019, Global Finance).


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