Chair of Plant Growing Product Processing Technology

Simonyan Nune

candidate of sciences, docent

Head of Chair


  • 0009, ՀՀ, ք. Երևան, Տերյան 74,
    ANAU, I building, room #105
  • Tel: (37412) 56 04 24, 3-86
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In 1930 at the same time with the Faculty of Agronomy, the Faculty of Horticulture was established in the Agricultural Institute. The major subjects of Viticulture, Fruit Growing and Vegetable Growing were formed in the Chair of Horticulture.

Taking into considerations the demands of the national economy of the Republic, the Horticultural Faculty also trained wine-making and canning engineers. In 1972 the Chair of Wine-making and canning was founded, and in 1997 began to train specialists in bread, confectionery, macaroni production technology. Currently the acting head of chair is V. Yavruyan.
The lecturers of the chairs are engaged in scientific research and pedagogical-methodological activities. During the recent 10 years more than 40 methodical instructions, 4 monographs and over 120 scientific articles were published; new educational criteria were elaborated for 3 specialties, and over 25 invention patents of the RA. Now the chair is carrying out scientific research work concerning different sorts of crab tea plants, trying to solve the technological problems on their mixtures and making bouquets. The elaboration of the technology of wasteless production in foodstuffs industry is also made.

The chair has 4 specialized laboratories, where practical trainings of majors and research work by Master’s and Post graduates are carried out. The students’ practical trainings are held in leading factories and companies.

The chair cooperates with Krasnodar Agricultural Production Preservation and Processing scientific-experimental Institute and Industrial University of Belarus after Mogilyov.

Ամբիոնի դասախոսական և ուսումնաօժանդակ կազմը

  1. Simonyan Nune – candidate of sciences, docent
  2. Yavruyan Vardan – doctor of sciences, professor
  3. Aghajanyan Zhirayr – candidate of sciences, docent
  4. Nazaryan Aram – candidate of sciences, docent
  5. Ter-Movsesyan Hasmik – candidate of sciences, docent
  6. Gasparyan Gayane – candidate of sciences, docent
  7. Hovhannsiyan Gayane – candidate of sciences, docent
  8. Petrosyan Anna – candidate of sciences, docent
  9. Kostandyan Karine – candidate of sciences, docent
  10. Stepanyan Romik – candidate of sciences, docent
  11. Mkhitaryan Heghine – candidate of sciences, docent
  12. Muradyan Zaruhi – candidate of sciences, docent
  13. Gomtsyan Epraksia – candidate of sciences, docent
  14. Petrosyan Susanna- candidate of sciences, docent
  15. Karapetyan Narine – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  16. Avetisyan Varsenik – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  17. Samvelyan Lilia – candidate of sciences, assistant
  18. Fahratyan Aghavni – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  19. Hovhannisyan Narine – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  20. Yavruyan Naira – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  21. Javadyan Hripsime – assistant
  22. Ghazaryan Lusik – leading specilaist
  23. Hovsepyan Stella – senior laboratory assistant
  24. Edigaryan Armine – senior laboratory assistant
  25. Khachatryan Lusine – senior laboratory assistant
  26. Vardanyan Mery – junior laboratory assistant

Դասավանդվող առարկաները

Preservation and Processing Technologies of Plant Growing Products
Basics of Branch Biotechnology
General technology of Concentrating Technologies
Technology of Bread, Confectionary and Macaroni
Wine Technology
Canning and Food Desease Technology
Chemistry of Bramch
Refrigiratory Technology
Drying Technologies
Technology of Branch Enterprises
Quality Control and Security of Plant Origin Products
Expertise and Certification of Plant Origin Product
Quality Management Systems
Technology of Infant Food