Chair of General Chemistry

Kamalyan Oleg

doctor of sciences, professor

Head of Chair


  • 0009, ՀՀ, ք. Երևան, Տերյան 74,
    ANAU, I building, room 1-401
  • Tel: (37410) 52 96 64, (37493) 73 73 29, 3-38
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The Chair of General Chemistry was established in 1994 as a result of integration of the Chair of General Chemistry of the Armenian Agricultural Institute and the Chair of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of Yerevan Zoo – technical and Veterinary Institute.

From 1958, for 30 years, head of the Chair of General Chemistry of the Armenian Agricultural Institute was the Member of NAS of the Republic of Armenia, Honored Scientist and Academician V.Dovlatyan, who is the founder of pesticides chemistry in Armenia. In 1960 adjacent to the Chair of General Chemistry, he established the Problem Laboratory of Pesticides Chemistry and Research. The Chair and the laboratory have jointly implemented syntheses and experimentation directed towards plant protection chemical means.
Licenses were received for separate herbicides in Germany, Japan, and Switzerland.

Since 2012 the head of chair is professor O.A.Qamalyan

The chair carries out productive educational-methodical activity. The lectures of the chair published many manuals, methodical instructions and guidelines for laboratory practice. The staff of the chair and of the Problem laboratory published over 600 articles received 128 copyright certificates and 12 patents.

Ամբիոնի դասախոսական և ուսումնաօժանդակ կազմը

  1. Kamalyan Oleg – doctor of sciences, professor
  2. Papoyan Taira – candidate of sciences, professor
  3. Khachatryan Liparit – candidate of sciences, docent
  4. Tsatinyan Ofelya – candidate of sciences, docent
  5. Qarimyan Roza – candidate of sciences, docent
  6. Avdalyan Naira – candidate of sciences, docent
  7. Aghababova Venera – senior lecturer
  8. Arzumanyan Gohar – lecturer
  9. Shahbazyan Lusya – candidate of sciences,lecturer
  10. Hayrapetyan Marine – lecturer
  11. Kikoyan Nelly – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  12. Mkrtchyan David – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  13. Eghiazaryan Aram – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  14. Mkhitaryan Sevada – assistant
  15. Hakobyan Marine – assistant
  16. Sarkeziryan Verzhine – candidate of sciences, assistant
  17. Qamalyan Tatevik – assistant
  18. Petrosyan Armenuhi – assistant
  19. Minasyan Parabdzem – candidate of sciences, assistant
  20. Stepanyan Susanna – senior laboratory assistant
  21. Avanesyan Marietta – senior laboratory assistant
  22. Harutyunyan Almira – senior laboratory assistant
  23. Khurshudyan Gayane – senior laboratory assistant
  24. Stepanyan Lilit – senior laboratory assistant
  25. Tadevosyan Anna – senior laboratory assistant
  26. Harutyunyan Roza – junior laboratory assistant
  27. Harutyunyan Siranush – junior laboratory assistant

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