Chair of General Biology

Badalyan Manvel


Head of Chair


  • 0009, ՀՀ, ք. Երևան, Տերյան 74,
    ANAU, 3rd building, room # 208
  • Tel. (37412) 52 09 05, int. 3-71, 2-12
  • [email protected]

The Chair of General Biology was formed in 1997 in the result of unification of chairs of Botany, Genetics and Zoology. Since its foundation up to 2006 the chair was led by Professor V. Zoranyan. In 2007-2009 the chair was headed by docent M.M.Mirgiyants. Since 2009 head of chair is M.V.Badalyan.
The research work at the chair has been carried out in the field of Armenian flora, plant cytology, drought resistance, cultured plants and protection of their wild, uncultivated related species aiming at selection and use while solving the problems. A lot of scientific articles, scientific booklets, and methodological guidelines have been published by the chair pedagogical staff.
Currently, scientiific-research works are carried out in 3 main directions;.

  1. Genetics aimed at studying the genus of turkey , as well as the diversity of agricultural animals and plant-plant proteins. A method of obtaining male turkeys from an unmatched egg has been developed, with copyright /docent M.Badalyan/.
  2. Botanics aimed at plant ecosystem and species’ dicersified study/assistant A.Aleksanyan/.
  3. Zoology aimed at studying the type of blood parasitic diseases and syndromes of the syndrome (lecturer M. Vardanyan).

Ամբիոնի դասախոսական և ուսումնաօժանդակ կազմը

  1. Badalyan Manvel – docent
  2. Melkonyan Lyudmila – candidate of sciences, docent
  3. Khurshudyan Narine – candidate of sciences, docent
  4. Dilanyan Varya – candidate of sciences, docent
  5. Vardanyan Marine – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  6. Aleksanyan Alla – candidate of sciences, assistant
  7. Vardanyan Nelly – assistant
  8. Movsisyan Irena – assistant
  9. Karapetyan Varsenik – assistant
  10. Kosayan Armine – assistant
  11. Gasparyan Grigory – candidate of sciences, docent
  12. Melkumyan Gayane – senior laboratory assistant
  13. Grigoryan Julieta – senior laboratory assistant
  14. Sindoyan Anush – senior laboratory assistant

Դասավանդվող առարկաները

Plant Physiology
Zoology Ichthyology
Private Genetics of Agricultural Animals
Marker Selection of Agricultural Animals
Basics of Gene Engineering
Immunal Genetics
Genetically Modified Organisms, Food and Environment Security