Chair of General Agriculture

Manukyan Ruzanna

doctor of sciences,professor

Head of Chair


  • 0009, ՀՀ, ք. Երևան, Տերյան 74,
    ANAU, 1st building, room # 314
  • Tel. (37410) 52 37 72, int. 3-65
  • [email protected]

In 1930 the chair of Agrochemistry was transferred into the newly-established Armenian Agricultural Institute, in 1989 the Chair of Agrochemistry and Soil Science was established. And the chair of General Agriculture was founded in 1931. After the establishment of the Armenian Agricultural Academy (AAA) in 1994, chair of Agriculture was unified with the chairs of Soil Science and Agrochemistry and named as chair of General Agriculture.

In 2004 by the decision of the Scientific Council of Armenian Agricultural Academy the chair was named after the Academician G.Kh. Aghajanyan.

More than one thousand scientific articles, scientific booklets, methodological guidelines, monographs, text-books and manuals have been published by the chair pedagogical staff. The chair is one of the main scientific-methodical centers in our Republic that conducts researches in the fields of agriculture, soil science and agrichemistry.
Monographs by G. Aghajanyan and R. Manukyan are of great importance.

Scientific researches mostly refer to tillage system, agritechnique of particular crops, measures against the weeds, graphical properties of plough lands, soil surface of the Republic, land reclamation, melioration sodium, acculturation of saline-alkaline soils, improvement of degraded soils, natural laws of erosion, plant nutrition, provision of lands with available nutrients, fertilization.

In order to invest research results and leading experience in the sphere of agriproduction, chair staff collaborates with farmers in order to ensure close ties between scientists and farmers.

Ամբիոնի դասախոսական և ուսումնաօժանդակ կազմը

  1. Manukyan Ruzanna – doctor of sciences,professor
  2. Galstyan Tsolak – candidate of sciences, professor
  3. Eritsyan Seryozha – candidate of sciences, docent
  4. Ghazaryan Hunan – doctor of sciences, docent
  5. Ghukasyan Hamaspyur – candidate of sciences, docent
  6. Hovhannisyan Azganush – candidate of sciences, docent
  7. Papinyan Vigen – doctor of sciences, docent
  8. Mamajanyan Sasun – candidate of sciences, docent
  9. Grigoryan Hovsep – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  10. Shekoyan Zaruhi – lecturer
  11. Mirzoyan Narine – lecturer
  12. Nazaretyan Aregnaz – assistant
  13. Tserunyan Katerine – senior laboratory assistant
  14. Hovhannisyan Marine – senior laboratory assistant

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