Winemaking Training and Production Center

Anais Melikyanmehrid

Head, Chief Winemaker


ANAU Winemaking Training and Production Center was established within the framework of the Development of Scientific and Production Component of Wine Education program, the main goal is to improve the wine-making education and scientific-production activities of the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) based on the creation of a new material and technical base and the existing scientific and educational potential. Around 35 hectares of vineyards with 200-250 tons average annual yield in Voskehat and Nalbandyan serve as raw material base for Winemaking educational and production center. In result of researches made at the center wine demand for the coming years is predicted and vineyard with fitting orientation is founded.
During the development of modern agritechnologies special attention is paid to selection sorts and winemaking from those sorts. ANAU students studying “Fermentation technology and winemaking” take their industrial and educational practices at the center.

Head of ANAU Winemaking Educational and Production Center is Artak Gabrielyan, Chief Winemaker, Ph.D..