Industrial Council of The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry

The main goal of the establishment of the Industrial Councils attached to the faculties (created by the order of the rector of the University Vardan Urutyan) is to increase the competitiveness of the relevant direction of agrarian education by strengthening the dialogue between the experts of the field and the relevant faculties of ANAU.
The mission of industrial councils is to serve as a unique platform for education-private sector dialogue to modernize educational programs in relevant fields of agriculture, promote the development of students’ practical skills, and prepare more competitive personnel for organizations in the field.
The Council organizes its work through sessions, which are convened at least quarterly, as well as through extraordinary sessions in accordance with the working rules.
The meetings of the councils are convened and coordinated by the deans of the respective faculties.
Decisions of the councils are adopted on the basis of discussions and the establishment of a mutual agreement between the parties, and in case of disagreement, with the ratio of two-thirds of the votes.
Each council is formed under the respective Faculty, is coordinated by the dean of the Faculty and operates according to the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the University and the Industrial Councils.
Get familiar with the Working Rules and Memorandum of Understanding of the Industrial Council at the following link:

Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies, Head of Informational-Analytical Center for Risk Assessment of Food Chain

Davit Pipoyan

(+374 96) 76-07-70
[email protected]

Chairman of the Pedigree Animal Breeders Association of RA

Armen Avetisyan

(+374 94) 38-80-85

Founder director of “Agroholding” livestock and agricultural company”, Candidate of Sciences

Armen Khechoyan

(+374 93) 43-11-17
[email protected]

Director of “SmartAgro” CJSC, President of “National Association of Veterinarians” NGO

Arman Ohanyan

(+374 98) 99-23-11

Founder of “954 flavors” Center

Davit Davtyan

(+374 99) 94 00 04
davtyanfarms@mail. ru

Head of Vet Line Veterinary Clinic

Vahan Khachatryan

(+374 91) 41-90-17
[email protected]

Director of “Vahe Mkrtchyan” PE

Vahe Mkrtchyan

(+374 91) —–
[email protected]

RA Ministry of Economy, Director of “Scientific Center for Assessment and Analysis of Risks in the Food Safety Sector”

Tigran Markosyan

(+374 93) 00 05 63
[email protected]

“Bacon Product” LLC, Head of the product quality control department

Vahe Ghazaryan

(+374 93) 08-58-33
[email protected]

“Strategic Development Agency”, Animal health and breeding specialist, Candidate of Sciences

Mikael Haykuni

(+374 94) 76 70 25
[email protected]

Head of International cooperation division of the Food safety inspection body of the RA, Candidate of Sciences

Tigran Yesayan

(+374 98) 72-22-03
[email protected]

RA NAS, Senior researcher at the Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology of the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology, Candidate of Sciences

Oleg Shcherbakov

(+374 93) 82-60-29
[email protected]

Deputy Director of the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Expert in food safety and animal health, Candidate of Sciences

Sergey Chakhmakhchyan

(+374 98) 88-56-21
[email protected]

RA Ministry of Economy, “Center Of Agricultural Services ” SNPO, Epidemiologist of Stepanavan region of Lori province, Director of “Agricultural Veterinary Service Center” of Stepanavan

Armen Jaghinyan

(+374 91) 34-23-42
[email protected]

RA Ministry of Economy, Head of Food safety department

Melanya Karapetyan

(+374 93) 64-20-92
[email protected]

RA Ministry of Economy, “Scientific Center for Assessment and Analysis of Risks in the Food Safety Sector”, Head of the Division of Serology and Molecular Biology, Candidate of Sciences

Satenik Kharatyan

(+374 91) 77-90-74
[email protected]

“Strategic Development Agency”, Senior specialist in veterinary medicine and animal husbandry

Areg Sarukhanyan

(+374 77) 59-40-28
[email protected]

“Yeremyan Projects”, Head of the “Food for the Army” project

Khachik Hakobyan

(+374 43) 11-11-60
[email protected]

RA Ministry of Economy, Head of Fish Breeding and Beekeeping Division of Animal Husbandry Department

Տիգրան Ալեքսանյան

(+374 94) 64-04-80
[email protected]

“Arax” poultry, Head veterinarian

Aghasi Baghdasaryan

(+374 91) 20-28-11
[email protected]