Armenian producers take part in Dubai’s MENOPE 2018 international exhibition under ORGANIC ARMENIA common pavilion

Under the “ORGANIC ARMENIA” unified pavilion, 9 Armenian producers participate in the annual organic and natural products exhibition in the Near East, which is being held in Dubai on November 18-20, presenting their certified and transitional organic products: honey, dried fruits, natural juices and herbal teas, about 10,000 specialized visitors. The exhibition is the only unique business event in the region. Last year, this year’s event was organized by the Austrian Agricultural Assistance Initiative (OGI), funded by the European Union (EU) and co-funded and implemented by the Austrian Development Agency (NRT) in close co-operation with the Ministry of Agriculture and SME DNC, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
Acting Minister of Agriculture Gegham Gevorgyan underscored that organic agriculture is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Agriculture. “The development of organic agriculture in our country is a prospective direction with great potential, which also has great opportunities for export and we should take all the steps to encourage farmers who produce organic products. In this regard, the cooperation with the Organic Agriculture Support Initiative (OGAN) is a worthy matter, thanks to which our farmers have the opportunity to present their products and place in these markets every year. As a possible state support option, we are also discussing the possibility of subsidizing organic certification costs, which we hope will be another important incentive for increasing the volume of organic agriculture in the country, “said the Acting Minister.
“The European Union is in great demand without any artificial ingredients, healthy, natural, low-sugar products. Armenia has the potential to produce branded products and an advantage is that many companies have organic certification thanks to EU support, “said EU Ambassador Pyotr Svitalski. “The EU helps farmers to improve their production and quantity in different regions of Armenia, and to find the quality, to find markets, as well as promote export and access to EU markets. In its turn, the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement paves the way for deeper cooperation, expansion of economic cooperation and creating new opportunities for closer ties in different spheres, including agriculture. ”
“Austria, as the leader of the EU’s organic agriculture sector, is proud to support Armenia’s transition to organic agriculture. One of the main directions of our activity is to support producers in international markets, and in this regard, the growing Arab market is very promising for Armenia’s organic and natural products, “said David McKenhuber, head of the OAN project team.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture official  website .