Discussed the directions of cooperation between the Ministry and HEIs

meeting in the minisry

On the initiative of the Ministry of Environment, there took place a discussion between the Ministry and higher educational institutions (HEIs) on eco-educational issues on June 25 and on June 28. The discussion was focused on finding out the peculiarities of ecologically oriented professions, related subjects, projects, the literature, as well as teaching methods in higher educational institutions (HEIs) .
Legal Adviser, Coordinator of the National Ozone Unit of Armenia Liana Ghahramanyan, representatives of the Ministry’s specialized structural subdivisions and higher educational institutions (HEIs) attended the discussion.
In the course of the discussion the importance of cooperation between the Ministry and higher educational institutions and training of ecologically oriented specialists in higher educational institutions (HEIs) were pointed out.
Liana Ghahramanyan stressed the importance of inclusion of topics on ozone layer protection in teaching subjects, and expressed willingness to provide thematic materials to the higher educational institutions.
Anahit Muradyan, Head of Eco-education and Information Division of the Ministry of Environment, submitted the legislative amendments performed in the frames of eco-education and upbringing.
The representatives of the higher educational institutions expressed their concerns about eco-educational issues in higher educational institutions. They stated that the interest towards ecologically oriented professions has reduced, which is the result of incomplete eco-education at schools.
At the end of the discussion, proposals were made concerning the development of bilateral cooperation and other sectoral bottlenecks.

Source:  http://armozone.am/