International Staff Week at the University of Minho

 In the framework of the Erasmus+ HG1 international credit mobility program in 2022. from July 4 to 8, the Head of Career Development and Lifelong Learning Division Liana Vardanyan, and the Senior Expert of the  International Relations Department, Zarine Poghosyan, participated in the International Staff Week, which was held at University of Minho in Braga, Portugal. Representatives of 34 countries participated in the International Staff Week.

The University of Minho was introduced on the first day of the training and after that, the participants had a chance to get to know one another and share information about their own universities.

Important subjects like the University of Minho and its internationalization strategy, how to prepare an application for the Erasmus+ HG2 program, innovative teaching and learning at the University of Minho, and topics on partnerships, communities, and engagement were covered in the sessions that followed.

A tour of the university’s campuses, a meeting with the rector of Minho University, as well as a cultural visit to the public library and museum, were all planned for the one-week stay. The University’s Language Center organized a workshop on “Communication and intercultural practices,” and on the final day, a seminar was held on the timely subject of “How to encourage students, teachers, and administrative staff to participate in mobility programs,” following which the farewell and certificate presentation ceremony started.

All of the seminars were interactive, giving the attendees the chance to actively discuss the subjects being covered, meet new people, research the experiences of current universities, as well as share their knowledge and experience and establish fresh, fruitful partnership relationships. The program exposed me to Portuguese culture and led to new friendships, experiences, and information.