Training course on laparoscopic AI

Last week, a training and demonstration course on artificial insemination of sheep by the laparoscopic method was held in the “Maqi” pedigree sheep breeding genetic center based in the village of Azatan, Shirak region.

Fertilization of sheep in Armenia has been carried out naturally for years, which has caused a high level of sterility among sheep. In addition, during natural fertilization, the risk of interbreeding increases, thus decreasing the level of productivity of the offspring.

To address the problem, within the framework of the “EU Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia” (EU GAIA) project, a training course was organized to upgrade the knowledge of local specialists in the field.

In the laboratory of “Maqi” center, a one-week course was held by specialists of the Animal Breeding Europe (AB Europe). During the training, laparoscopic artificial insemination of sheep was carried out, as well as the preparation, collection and processing of semen of pedigree rams. The course was preceded by about two months of online coordination and consultation by specialists from the British AB Europe and the famous German sheep breeder Mr. Eike Schoen-Petersen.

This type of training was held for the first time in our region and was unique due to the laparoscopic method of artificial insemination of sheep, currently considered the most effective. If implemented correctly, this method provides 80-90% efficiency.

As a result of the course, 3 veterinarians from Shirak region and 1 from Lori region, as well as 2 students of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Armenian National Agrarian University, fully mastered the laparoscopic artificial insemination of sheep. During the course, laparoscopic insemination of about 100 sheep of the local breed was carried out with the semen taken from rams of the French Blanche and Noir du Velay breeds. According to estimates, we will have a significant improvement in the quality of local sheep.

The EU Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia (EU-GAIA) project is funded by the European Union in Armenia and co-funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation. The project is jointly implemented by the Austrian Development Agency and UNDP in Armenia.