Department of Part-Time Studies

SSS is on a high, there are good news in the faculties, we are on the right track in terms of quality

The first question on the agenda of the regular session of the Scientific Council on June 30, chaired by Rector Vardan Urutyan, was about the progress and problems of the Student Scientific Society. Zaruhi Hoveyan, President of SSS, made a presentation. He referred to the activity of the SSS in the last three years, which has been quite active: active work with the chairs, concluding conferences in 2022 and 2023, publication of the student scientific collection “Hayatsk”, organization of inter-university scientific weeks, during which meetings were organized with famous scientists, participation international scientific events, article publication in Scopus international database, etc. The president of SSS presented as a problem the certain difficulty related to replacing graduating students with new ones. And the best opportunity to solve scientific (and not only) problems was considered by the Student Success Center to be opened in the near future at the university.

Extended scientific advice: in economics summarized the UG week

The extended session of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Agribusiness and Marketing to summarize the UG week and clarify the tasks. Opening it, the dean, Doctor of Economics, Professor Eduard Ghazaryan, expressed his satisfaction for the tremendous work done: “The Student Scientific Society is a wonderful school that it starts from podiums and continues all the way to international platforms.”
The chairs had secured 31 jobs. 22 were presented, 12 of them from NPP, 2 from Data Science, one from AUC, the others from the Chair of Agribusiness Management and Policy. At the same time, the part-time system represented one person, the college – 4, and the post-graduate program – 1 person.

Student Science Week in May

The student scientific society of the National Agrarian University of Armenia invites you to participate in the student scientific week, which will take place from May 15 to 20.

The scientific week also includes an inter-university conference, in which students of RA universities can participate.

To participate in the inter-university conference, students of RA universities (except students of the Agrarian University) until 2022. May 10, the articles should be sent to SSS: [email protected] email address­․

SSS works։ improving the soil's water capacity

The preservation of soil moisture or water reduces the actual water demand of the vine and allows to ensure the availability of water in the most necessary periods. Mulching is one of the means of solving this problem.

Mulching is a long-known method, according to which the surface of the soil around the vine is covered with a layer, protecting the roots from heat, cold or drought and keeping the vine clean. Mulch layers are of organic or inorganic origin. A layer of inorganic origin can be pieces of plastic, stones, rock scraps, etc. In the Voskehat study farm, we offer products of organic origin for mulching the vines. Straw and compost can be such means. These measures are almost free and can lead to savings in the cost of water used for irrigation, which in turn will lower the cost of grapes.

Students honorably continue the scientific traditions of the Faculty of Agribusiness and Economics

The Faculty of Agribusiness and Economics has always stood out at various, including international, conferences with the active participation of both professors and faculty members, as well as students and post-graduate students. The full agenda of the Student Scientific Week: 31 reports, as well is the evidence of what has been said: it can be recorded that the faculty has a significant potential in terms of highlighting the problems in the field and offering scientific solutions.

SS week: professional orientation - an important watershed

The student conferences of the veterinary-animal husbandry faculty (chairman: Arevik Abovyan, secretary: Zhirayr Chitchyan, President of the UG: Masha Vardanyan) have traditionally always had a strong composition and have been effective. It is based on one important circumstance. both the teaching staff and the students are true devotees of their work, imbued with a high consciousness-conviction that they are the main responsible for the strategic importance of the sector, public health and food security.

Scientific Week: freshmen also surprise with foreign languages

On May 17, the Department of Armenian and Foreign Languages of the Faculty of Agriculture organized presentations by a group of students of the first year of the faculty, as well as of the Agricultural College named after A. Kochinyan, within the framework of the 23rd Student Conference and the full program of the Student Scientific Week. the performance.

The primary goal was to encourage the improvement of the level of knowledge of languages, and the management of the faculty, chair and college and the professors in charge of the work, in this regard, achieved their goal. However, the more important circumstance is that in foreign languages: English, French, Russian, German, first-year students and college students were able to present their research results, in some cases, business ideas, and in one or two cases, already started activities.

A busy week of SS. from the geography of the commodity market to genocide studies

On May 18, close to each other chronologically (with a difference of half an hour), very different in terms of content, but very interesting meetings were organized by the Faculty of Agribusiness and Economics.

First, they hosted Davit Hovhannisyan, Deputy Secretary General of the Competition Protection Commission, Candidate of Economics, and later Suren Manukyan, Head of the Comparative Genocide Department of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, Lecturer of the American University of Armenia, Candidate of History. The dean, professor Eduard Ghazaryan, introduced the guests.

UG week. In the technological department, as always, it was interesting, tasty and exciting

The student week is in full swing in the faculty departments. It is the right time to summarize and publicize the results of the researches and tests carried out during one year.

Dean Smbat Daveyan wished the participants of the SSS session of the Technological Institute a good start and effective work. “This is one of the most important events in university life. In the process of program accreditation, the involvement of students in research works is highlighted, it is a necessary component of rating. Today we will listen to 15 reports and it is appreciated that there are also students from the remote system.”