Specilaties of Faculty of Agronomy



Specialist in agriecology realizes efficient utilization of resources, production of ecologically safe food products, undertakes measures against agriproduction environment pollution, as well as inputs technologies for resource saving and nature protection in the field of agriproduction.
Specialist in agroecology has a primary task to undertake measures for effective use of resources, to protect their stability, as well as to create optimal structures of landscape, to collect material on changes occurring in the environment and to present to the corresponding structures.

Agriecologists can work in different administrations of the Ministry of Nature Protection, in agrarian and nature protection regional administrations, scientific centers of agrarian field, muddy water cleaning companies and so on.

Forestry and Lanscape Gardening


Specialty in the field of forestry and landscape gardening concerns the field of science that is directed to the improvement of ecological situation, protection and stable management of forestry resources, as a guarantee for human vital activity, as well as to gardening the industrial centers and settlements.Specialists in this field have a primary task to realize works of melioration, protection of forestry, as well as ensuring natural reproduction, enlarging of forestry zones, elaboration of schemes of different sort mixture, experimental and scientific works, presentation of suggestions, as well as usage of modern technologies and application of technical rules of vital security.

Technology of Protected Ground


Specialist in “Technology of Protected Ground” implements solutuin of problems concerning the agricultural industry in this specific field, scientific planning, selection of modern structures for green house farms, defines the species composition for specific plants, modern technologies of plants and vegetables, flowers, pharmaceutical plants and etc., implements activities in the direction of cultivation mechanization, investments of modern technologies, quality control and etc.

Plant Protection


Plant protection is one of the main sectors in agriproduction, that is directed to minimalization of damages of diseases, weeds guarantying high qualified and prosperous harvest.
Specialist in this field has a primary task to explore and detect parasites, diseases and come up with diagnostic offers, to find out the most dangerous phases for diseases. These give opportunity to elaborate scientific measures against diseases and parasites, reproduction reasons, predictions concerning the reasons of reproduction and development.

Agronomy, Selection and Genetics


Specialist in the field of agronomy take part in organization of projects for developing solutions for agriproduction sphere problems, organize agrarian farms, realize works for rising productiveness of soil, measurements of soil melioration and protection taking into the consideration specific features of soil melioration, as well as control the quality of plant protection, fertilization systems and field cultivation. Specialists come up with suggestion in order to fix the problems in the field of agronomy.