Division of Animal Origin Raw Material and Product Processing Technology

Astghik Pepoyan

Doctor of Sciences



The department was established in 2011. The basis for the establishment of the department was one of the leading scientific centers of dairy production in the USSR – the Problem Dairy Laboratory (founded in 1959, on the initiative of Prof. Z.Kh Dilanyan), which belongs to the Department of Milk and Dairy Technology of the Yerevan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Institute. In 2011-2019y the department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. R.A. Beglaryan, and from 2019 up to now it is governed Doctor of Sciences. A.Z. Pepoyan.

The department has a rich history of studying the effects of magnetic field, X-ray և electron beam radiation on the physiological-morphological, genetic, biotechnological, biochemical, structural-mechanical and safety parameters of lactic acid bacteria. The staff developed new approaches to the use of cow’s, goat’s, sheep’s milk, raw materials of plant origin, their mixtures, as well as new methods of using secondary raw materials (buttermilk, whey, skim milk).

    The directions of scientific research are the selection of new strains of agricultural, ecological significance of lactic acid bacteria of different origins, and also the receipt and offer of the new enzyme preparations, biologically active substances, dairy products, on the basis of clarifying their physiological, biophysical and biotechnological properties.

    The main goals of the research are:

  • Guided by the “One Health” principle, to discuss the role of lactic acid bacteria in the soil-plant-animal-human chain, paying particular attention to the harmonious development of processing technologies of raw material of plant and animal origin.
  • To cultivate / develop modern alternative approaches to antibiotics to control the struggle with multi-stable bacteria.
  • To cultivate / develop high quality and economically viable functional dairy products based on local raw materials.

  Educational / consulting activities: the staff of the department carries out educational / consulting activities both within the framework of the university and for the employees of farms and enterprises in RA, processing milk, meat and fish production. Here are organized and conducted Armenian and international seminars, training courses on modern technologies and food safety, expertise, standardization and certification.

     More than 8 doctoral and 120 candidate  dissertations, 9 dozen copyright certificates were defended by the staff, patents for inventions, 50 technical conditions, instructions, 65 types of dairy, meat and fish technologies have been developed, which have been introduced into production ( Garni, Haykakan, Artsakh, Zovashen and other types of cheeses, Araks, Masis, Anareks types of canned from meat and fish raw materials, etc.). During the last 5 years, the staff of the department has published dozens of teaching manuals, brochures, scientific articles.