Division of Fieldwork Automation

Artur Altunyan

Candidate of Sciences, Docent

Division Head


  • 74 Teryan Str., 0009, Yerevan, RA,
    II building, room #108
  • (+374) 12 56-17-73, int. 2-21
  • [email protected]

History and Objectives

The main direction of the scientific and engineering activities of the department are mechanization and electrification of mountain farming.

The main activities of the division are the followings:

  • Mechanization of horticulture. Mechanization of vineyards covering, including row cultivation with different schemes of planting, mechanized rod opening, mechanization of certain processes of smooth vineyards front plow tillage, the collective and individual orders.

  • Mechanization of potato cultivation, mechanization of potato collecting process without wastage.

  • Sprayer in the unit with power tillers, potato, grass mower for hard harvest and machines to perform other processes on the basis of contracts.

The division is equipped with high-quality designer-specialists of the field of machinery and is ready to accept any order of the automation.

The researches are being carried out by A. Tarverdyan, NAS academician, professors, D. Petrosyan, A. Yesoyan, candidates of sciences A. Altunyan, A. Grigoryan, S. Rafayelyan, S. Hovhannisyan, researcher-designer V. Karapetyan, junior researchers A. Maukyan, P. Antonyan, A. Harutyunyan.

Division accepts and carries out execution of settlement-engineering works of the agricultural sector.

  • Tensometric measurements, including measuring and recording deformations (pull, compression, torsion, bending), vibration measurement and recording, measurement and recording of fluids and gases pressure.