H. Petrosyan Scientific Center of Soil Science, Melioration and Agrochemistry

Gayane Gasparyan

Acting Director


History and Objectives

The scientific research center for Soil Science and Agrochemistry was established in 1958. The center implemented its functions as SNCO of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2003-2012, since 2012 the center was renamed again into “Soil Science, Melioration and Agrochemistry Scientific Center after H. Petrosyan” Branch of Armenian National Agrarian University. Various researches are conducted at the center and in relevant laboratories (study of soil resources of the Republic, identification of their genetic traits, elaboration of salt-alkaline land improvement technologies, elaboration of theoretical and applied methods of struggle against erosion and erosive soil fertility, identification of patterns of application of mineral and organic fertilizers, etc.). The capacities of the scientific center are focused on the solutions of urgent problems in agricultural science:

  • Determining the causes of degradation of the country and elaborating measures against global climate changes,
  • Determination of the effectiveness of alternative mineral, organic and biological fertilizers in agricultural crops, elaboration of measures to neutralize man-made, negative effects of heavy metals of industrial centers,
  • Development of modern technologies of farming in the mountainous zones of the Republic of Armenia (zero, minimum), as well as application of irrigation saving regimes and methods in those lands.

The scientific center is the only soil science museum in the region.