Agrarian Policy and Economics Research Center

Ashot Voskanyan

Candidate of Sciences, Docent

Center Director


  • 74 Teryan Str., Yerevan, RA
    ANAU, 1st building, #242
  • (+37491) 21 54 57, int. 2-55
  • [email protected]

The Agrarian Policy and Economics Research Center has been operating since 30 December, 2012 in the structure of ANAU department of Science. It is funded by the RA state budget of “Maintenance and development of the infrastructure of scientific-technical activity”.

Till now more than 20 scientific researchers were involved in the center activities, 4 of them are doctors of economics, 10 – candidates of science and 7 – applicants and specialists. Due to the thematic and problem-oriented nature of the programs implemented at the Research Center, scientists with respective skills can be involved.

The followings are in the frameworks of the activity of the center: Participation in the development of the RA agricultural legislation, conceptual documents of programs, the process of development of the field and analysis of the conducted policies, making suggestions, conduction of expertise and providing opinions on their effectiveness.

The following scientific topics are implemented at the research center:

  • Improvement of tools and structures of state regulation policy of RA agriculture
  • Development of structures of risk assessment and insurance of implementations systems in the RA
  • Creation of the RA Agricultural cooperation development 2014-2024 project
  • Ways of improvement of RA agricultural production realization and increasing the competitiveness, and export
  • Suggestion on RA agriculture’s cluster policy development and its implementation prerequisites

The center activity results are summed up in over 50 scientific articles and more than 15 scientific councils.

The solution of the problems of the management of the agricultural lands of the Republic of Armenia, targeted non-use, improvement of the structure of the farms is urgent. From this prospective for 2022 at the research center the following topic is set “Problems of primary agricultural production units in the Republic of Armenia and nomination of the solutions”.

A range of projects were implemented by Agrarian Policy and Economics Research Center in collaboration with EEC countries’ scientific and research centers, FAO, as well as other ANAU departments.