ATC and EVN are easy in adapting to the state of emergency


The Agribusiness Teaching Center and the EVN Wine Academy are currently carrying out distance learning using e-learning tools such as Moodle ( and The Moodle platform as a modern tool for organizing the academic process has been in use at ATC for many years now, combining it with videoconferencing, while the rest of the University is just starting the process amid the state of emergency and the country-wide stay-at-home order due to coronavirus outbreak.

These platforms allow making the learning process as effective as classroom learning, with the instructors being able to evaluate the current progress of students through tests and tasks, while the students have access to any learning material: books, videos, articles, etc.

While distance learning encounters some turmoil before becoming a commonplace for other departments of ANAU, the experience of ATC and EVN faculty and students allowed for more smooth transition to the new situation.