“AgriScience and Technology” scientific journal 2023 2/82

“AgriScience and Technology” scientific journal 2023 2/82

Development and Justification of a Self-Regulating System for Adjusting the Angle of Rotary Tiller Blade with a Vertical Rotation Axis (pages 117-123): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-117

aArmenian National Agrarian University

Justification of Plants Water Demand in Conditions of Drip Irrigation (pages 129-134): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-129

aArmenian National Agrarian University

bState Water Committee of the Republic of Armenia

The Analysis of State Agrarian Policy, Support Programs, Laws and Legislative Acts Regulating Viticulture in RA: Existing Problems and Their Solutions (pages 135-140): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-135

aArmenian National Agrarian University

bM. Kotanyan Institute of Economics, NAS RA

The Creation of a Gene Library of Valuable Plant Species in Armenia (pages 141-144): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-141

a Scientific Center of Agro-Biotechnology, ANAU

The Efficiency of Mineral and Water-Soluble Complex Fertilizers in Potato Fields (pages 145-149): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-145

a “H. Petrosyan Scientific Center of Soil Science, Melioration and Agrochemistry”, ANAU

Agrochemical and Ecological Conditions of Brown Forest Soils Determined by Degradation Factors by the Example of Bazum Community of Lori Region (150-154): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-150

aH. Petrosyan Scientific Center of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Melioration, ANAU

Studying the Adaptive Capabilities of Imported Apple-Tree Cultivars in Lowland Conditions of the Republic of Armenia(155-162): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-155

aArmenian National Agrarian University

bVoskehat Educational and Research Center of Enology, ANAU

Evaluation of Grain Yield and Drought Tolerance Indices in Armenian and Iranian Wheat Varieties Under Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Conditions(163-168): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-163

aArmenian National Agrarian University

Brucellosis Prevalence in Livestock of Tavush and Kotayk Marzes of Armenia and Assessment of Diagnostic Algorithm (pages 169-172): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-169

aReference Laboratory for Especially Dangerous Pathogens, RVSPCLS SNCO, RA

bRyan Arner Science Consulting, LLC, Pennsylvania, USA

Evaluation of Service, Perinatal Period and Milk Productivity of Fleckvieh Breed Cows in the Vamaks LLC Farm of the RA Syunik Region(pages 173-176): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-173

aArmenian National Agrarian University

bMinistry of Economy of the RA

Prevalence of Demodicosis of Dogs in Some Districts of Yerevan (pages 177-180): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-177

aResearch Center of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Sanitary Examination, ANAU

Research of Colibacteriosis in Honey Bees at Aragatsotn Region and Susceptibility of the Detected Pathogen to Antibiotics (pages 181-184): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-181

a“Scientific Center for Risks Assessment and Analysis in Food Safety Area” CJCS

Development of the Second Ingredient of the New Product “Yogrik” (pages 185-188): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-185

aArmenian National Agrarian University

The Use of Milk and Flour Made from Almonds in the Production of Lactic Foods (pages 189-192): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-189

aArmenian National Agrarian University

Investigating the Impact of Yeasts Additives on the Quality of the Red Wines: Autolyzes of Yeast and Yeast Derivatives Introduced During Alcoholic Fermentation(pages 193-197): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-193

aArmenian National Agrarian University

Assessing Health Risks Associated with Antibiotic Residues in Armenian Honey(pages 198-203): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-198

aCenter for Ecological-Noosphere Studies, NAS RA

Preparation of Functional Cookies with Red Grape Pomace Bio-Dust (pages 204-208): ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.2-204

aArmenian National Agrarian University