“Agriscience and Technology” scientific journal 2023 4/84

“AgriScience and Technology” scientific journal 2023 4/84

Development of the Technological Scheme of the Combined Frontal Plough and the Justification of the Parameters of Disc Working Bodies: ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-315

aArmenian National Agrarian University

Analysis of the Current Procedures for Cadastral Assessment of Agricultural Lands in Armenia: ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-321

aArmenian National Agrarian University

Studying Stimulant and Fungicidal Properties of Preparation “Argitos Agro” against Powdery Mildew in Greenhouse Conditions: ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-327

a Scientific Center for Risk Assessment and Analysis in Food Safety Area, RA

The Effect of Applying Mineral Fertilizers Through Drip Irrigation and Furrow Method on the Movement of Mobile Nutrients in the Soil and the Growth, Development, and Accumulation of Nutrients in the Walnut Leaves: ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-332

a “H. Petrosyan Scientific Center of Soil Science, Melioration and Agrochemistry”, ANAU

b “Voskehat Educational and Research Center of Enology”, ANAU

The Effect of Various Tillage Methods and Meliorants Application against their Background on the Dynamics of Macronutrients Accumulation in the Winter Wheat Plants and their Output via Crop Yield: ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-340

aArmenian National Agrarian University

Study of Growth, Yield, and Yield Quality Indicators of Tomato Hybrids in Hydroponic Systems under Greenhouse Conditions ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-347

aArmenian National Agrarian University

Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices (KAP) of Brucellosis in Occupationally Exposed Groups in Armenia ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-353

aReference Laboratory for Especially Dangerous Pathogens, RVSPCLS SNCO, RA

bScientific Centre for Risk Assessment and Analysis in Food Safety Area

Heat Stress and Cultivable Intestinal Bacteria of Lehmann Brown Hens. ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-359

aDivision of Food Safety and Biotechnology

bArmenian National Agrarian University

Epidemiological Analysis of the Swine Perfringens Disease in the Aragatsotn Region. ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-366

aArmenian National Agrarian University

The Investigation of the Untapped Winemaking Potential of the Grape Variety “Hastakot” ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-372

aArmenian National Agrarian University

Cow Milk Total Protein Analysis and Daily Intake Estimation in Armenia: ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-377

aCenter for Ecological-Noosphere Studies, NAS RA

bDepartment of Ecological and Biological Sciences (DEB), Tuscia University, Italy

Studying the Effects of Various Yeast on the Three-Year Aging Process of Brandy Spirits Made From “Kangun” and “Meghrabuyr” Grape Varieties. ABSTRACT

doi: 10.52276/25792822-2023.4-389

aYerevan Ararat Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory