Agrarian engineers participated in the coordinator meeting of LISS24 in Finland

At the beginning of the year, the LISS24 (“Learn-Innovate-Sell-Succeed”) project was launched under Erasmus+ KA2 in 3 universities of Armenia: ANAU, NAPA and NUACA. Head of the ANAU Scientific Research Institute for Agricultural  Mechanization and Automation, Arthur Altunyan and lecturer of the Chair of Agribusiness Management and Policy, Hasmik Gevorgyan, visited Finland to participate in the meeting with the European coordinators of the project.

The meeting was very engaging, and consisted of two parts.

The first meeting was at Turku University of Applied Sciences, where Dr. Altunyan and Ms. Gevorgyan took a short and comprehensive course in Sales Management and had a meeting with iMotions company partners.

The next meeting was Helsinki, at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, which hosted the ESC-2024 (European Sales Competition) annual competition this year. The Armenian team then assumed the responsibility of judges at the ESC-2024 and had an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and experience aquired earlier.

As a result of talks and arrangements made during the 5 days of the meeting, a B2B sales lab will be established in ANAU in the near future, and modern equipment, including biometric devices and sensors will be acquired.

The project and the  knowledge and skills acquired in its scope will allow to develop an educational component aimed at commercialization of the research results at the Agrarian University and to prepare sales specialists in B2B format.