Our true, strong phalanx: one of the Armenian agricultural policymakers


Ira Panosyan, Acting Head of the Department of Agricultural Program Development, Resource Use and Development of Cooperatives, Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Armenia; PhD in Economics. It is hard to imagine that this delicate and womanly creature is endowed with the willpower and the best professional qualities to stride decisively into the policymaking in Armenia’s agriculture.
Dr. Panosyan confesses that the Agrarian University was not her first choice, and even after she became an ANAU student, she continued dreaming about the University of Economics.
“I took this really hard, and I was sure I would change my university after the first year. However, in October – November I was already in very good terms with all my classmates, and the teachers were so proficient, and the environment so treasured that I clean forgot about moving to another university,” Ira says.
She especially liked the major courses. She remembers the effective and sometimes hot discussions during the classes. This experience helps her greatly during her everyday work.
Ira Panosyan’s answer to the question “What would be your advice to current ANAU students” was: “Agriculture is a strategic sector that provides the country’s food security, with permanent need for well educated young professionals. My advice would be to get deep knowledge in courses like Agrarian Policies and Data Science. Another important condition to become a competitive specialist sought after by employers is to have excellent knowledge of English.”