Online consultation on distance learning

ANAU Rector Vardan Urutyan convoked an online consultation to discuss the state of the distance learning process underway at the University due to the emergency situation triggered by the novel coronavirus. The online consultation was attended by Vice Rector Robert Makaryan, the heads of departments, the directors of the ANAU branches, the Director of Kochinyan College, the Head of the Correspondence Department, the Head of the Department of Academic Process Management and the Director of IT Center.
Current issues related to the distance learning process were addressed, including uploading learning materials on the Moodle platform and the need for making definite content and technical corrections.
The meeting recorded the fact that in general the distance learning activity is proceeding normally. The faculty members who initially had difficulties with the online teaching tools are now “profoundly” in the process.
Each of the heads of subdivisions presented the current issues occurring in the distance learning process. In the ANAU branches in Sisian and Shirak, Viber and platforms are currently in use.
Quizzes will further be taken through tests in the second semester, therefore Rector Urutyan instructed to submit the related learning material to the IT Center to upload in the system.
A decision was made not to delay the terms of the final defense of Diploma and Master theses, while terms of intermediate defense will depend on the further developments in the emergency state.