Visegrad Fund

The project is co-financed by the governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from
the International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.



The grant holder and main project coordinator is University of South Bohemia (USB). The Project will be implemented with the support of the following universities:

Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU)
Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA)
Budapest Business University (BBU)


The main coordination of the project is Assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics Alena Čarvašová (email: [email protected]).
The coordinators form ANAU is:
Garegin HambardzumyanArmenian National Agrarian University (ANAU), email: [email protected]


The goal of the project is to create, with the support of USB, SUA and BBU soft skills modules for the ANAU Career Center, to develop an evaluation of career counseling at ANAU and to create a monograph of soft skills in career counseling. Teaching new soft skills modules will increase the competitiveness of ANAU graduates. Evaluation ensure continuous improvement. Monography spreads knowledge. The implementation period of the project is: 01/07/2024–31/12/2025. The total budget of the Project is 22,145.00 Euro.
Current issues. ANAU is the only agricultural HEI in Armenia. The ANAU Career Center offers students and graduates consultations on the preparation of resumes and motivation letters. It also invites its clients to educational events realized by the newly built Soft skills development center. The goal of the Career Center is for as many students and graduates as possible to obtain qualified employment on the labour market. Unemployment in Armenia currently exceeds 13%. A high proportion of Armenians move abroad and seek employment with foreign employers. Foreign employers often offer remote work after the covid pandemic. The project wants to contribute to the solution of 4 problems brought about by the situation described above: 1) Low chance of finding job. It is necessary to succeed in highly competitive job interviews, i.e. the ability of self presentation needs to be developed. 2) Workers do not have enough experience with remote work which is offered after covid. A remote job position allows, among other things, to work from home for a foreign employer, which can solve the situation of many students/graduates who want to continue living in Armenia. 3) The post-covid period brings a significant increase in mental discomfort among young people. This trend is slowly coming to Armenia as well, it is important to prevent mental discomfort. 4) Universities often implement career counselling according to their own methodologies, which are not standardized, the results are difficult to compare between universities and countries and do not allow for continuous improvement and mutual inspiration.


The innovative character of this project lies in the transfer of career counselling from the V4 countries and the targeting of overcoming the challenges that the post-covid period brings to the labour market. The very foreign cooperation of career centres and the agreement to create a common framework for the evaluation and dissemination of current knowledge in the field of career counselling and soft skills for career counselling is an innovation, unusual and much needed activity. For the ANAU Career Center, the project means a significant innovation in the expansion of services offered in the area of soft skills and in the development of evaluation. Students and graduates of ANAU will be prepared to handle job interviews in multinational companies as well as to possibly develop domestic personnel processes. Furthermore, they will learn the self-management necessary especially for remote work, which often comes up against unlearned habits of self-management, ignorance of the principles of self-management. Last but not least, they will learn to prevent burnout and mental discomfort, the incidence of which has increased enormously among students of the V4 countries. ANAU’s career counselling will acquire comprehensive tools and become part of a wider international framework that has the potential to influence the regional labour market, as ANAU students and graduates will co-shape conditions on the labour market.


Specific result Contribution to the project’s overall goal
Trained teaching staff with skills on teaching soft skills at


The staff, trained within the framework of the Project at the V4 universities will participate in the development and implementation of relevant modules on soft skills. They will be the main workforce who will carry out the trainings of the students and graduates in ANAU. In addition, the trained staff will also train their other colleagues to ensure the program sustainability and continuity.
Developed 3 modules on soft skills training:
1. Self-presentation,
2. Self-management,
3. Wellbeing.
The modules will be used for the training of the students and graduates on soft skills at ANAU Career Center. And since the modules will not only be transferred to ANAU from V4 universities, but will also be innovated and subjected to a synthesis of knowledge and skills between experts from individual V4 universities, these modules will be so innovative that in their innovative form they will be newly used for training in V4 univ. career centers.
Monograph Monograph on the topic “Soft skills in career counseling”. This joint international monograph will contribute to the spread of soft skills in the V4 countries and in Armenia, especially in the academic community, which educates the next generation of university-educated population. The monograph will be published in English in print and will also be available online to maximize its reach.
Career Counseling Evaluation Thanks to the setting of a common framework for evaluation, a consensus will be found on measuring the effectiveness and quality of career counseling between the individual actors of the project, the parameters for obtaining feedback from the target group of career counseling and soft skills trainings(from students and graduates) will be set, and the continuous improvement of the services provided will be started and will be internat. measurable.
Sustainable international collaboration V4 countries and ANAU This project brings the USB, SUA, BBU and ANAU on one board and can deepen and promote future cooperation in different fields and implementation other international projects as well.


Specific result Contribution to the project’s overall goal
Bachelor, Master and PhD students of ANAU All students will be informed about the new established workshops and trainings of soft skills modules. They can participate in training on the module or modules, they are insterested in. ANAU Career Center inform students about workshops and trainings by online marketing and they will have the possibility to participate.
ANAU Career Center and Soft skills development center team ANAU, teaching and administrative staff of ANAU All academic and administrative staff of ANAU will be informed about workshops and tranings of soft skills modules and they can participate in training on the module or modules, they are interested in. All academic and administrative staff of ANAU will have the possibility to read the monography.
ANAU Graduates ANAU Graduates till 2 years after graduation can enjoy the workshops and trainings recommended by ANAU Career Center and trained by the Soft skills development center. They can inform on websites ANAU.



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