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Chair of Armenian and Foreign Languages

Head of Chair
Araksya Hakobyan

On November 6, 2018, the chairs of Armenian and Foreign languages were reformed upon the decision of Board of Trustees. As a result the chairs of Armenian, Russian and Foreign Languages were united into the chair of Armenian and Foreign Languages.

The chair of Languages of Armenian Agricultural Institute founded on 1938. Scientific-research works performed  in three main directions: lexicography, development of language teaching methods, philological and lexicological studies of Armenian and Russian languages. Particularly, the most attention is attached to the methods of eliminating mistakes in writing and speaking among the students. Periodically seminars are held where lecturers make reports on different methodical issues, as well as psychological-linguistic sides. Chair of Languages of Yerevan Zoo Veterinary Institute was established in 1940. M.K.Sotnikyan,E.S.Karagash,E.O.Ter-Markosyan, T.L. Buniatyan, R.A.Markosyan. In 2002 chair of languages was split into 2 separate chairs - chair of Armenian and Russian Languages, Chair of Foreign Languages.

They also present more effective and modern methods of teaching the Russian language. During the recent 5 years the Chair published about 75 research works: articles, presentations, “Russian-Armenian Glossary of Agriculture Terms” (R.S. Karapetyan, R.N. Arzoyan), “Phonetics and Lexicology of Armenian Language” (R.A. Markosyan, 1999), Russian Language Tutorial for SAUA first year students (part 1, by M.R. Aghajanyan, E.A. Hovhannisyan, M.E. Babayan, 2004), Methodic Guidelines for part-time students of SAUA (M.R. Aghajanyan, R.A. Hovhannisyan, E.A. Hovhannisyan, M.E. Babayan, 2005).

The chair actively participates in annual symposiums, reports are organized in Russian language, and students achieve victories in Olympiads and competitions. During the recent 5 years 74 scientific articles, 5 manuals and 5 methodical instructions have been published.

The chair of Foreign Languages was established in 2002 on the basis of subdivision of foreign languages of AAA chair of Languages. At present foreign language is taught as full-time and part-time course in the University, as well as in the College. During the period between 200 and 2009 a lot of lecturers took part in qualification courses in Russia’s Agricultural University after Timiryazev, Paris-Grinyon National Agronomic Institute of France, Hohenheim University of Germany.

Research works have been carried out in the field of lexicography, developing foreign language teaching methods and philological and lexicological studies. The chair also considers very important to work out philological-psychological principles of foreign language teaching methods for non-linguistic institutes. R. Pilosyan, N. Gasparyan, A. Vahramyan, M. Poghosyan, S. Sedrakyan and others are engaged in such activities. In recent years 50 scientific articles have been published by the chair staff members. With this aim in view every year the chair regularly organizes workshops inviting skilled specialists from other institutes. The chair closely collaborates with Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov, and the lecturers regularly take part in extension courses.


Head of chair isAraksya Hakobyancandidate of sciences, docent  

  1. Gasparyan Nona – candidate of sciences, docent
  2. Sargsyan Nelly – candidate of sciences, docent
  3. Khachatrtyan Ofelya - candidate of sciences, docent
  4. Shahinyan Ruzanna - docent
  5. Pilosya Ruzanna - docent
  6. Arustamyan Mara - candidate of sciences, senior lecturer
  7. Mkrtumyan Armine - candidate of sciences, lecturer
  8. Hovsepyan Mery - candidate of sciences, lecturer
  9. Babayan Manuk - senior lecturer
  10. Hovhannisyan Rima - senior lecturer
  11. Hovhannisyan Elena- senior lecturer
  12. Mashuryan Gohar - senior lecturer
  13. Shahramanova Iveta - senior lecturer
  14. Vahramyan Anahit - senior lecturer
  15. Vardanyan Anahit - senior lecturer
  16. Poghosyan Maro - senior lecturer
  17. Ghavondyan Mariam - lecturer
  18. Gevorgyan Karine - lecturer
  19. Hovhannisyan Julieta - lecturer
  20. Eghiazaryan Flora - lecturer
  21. Kirakosyan Gagik - lecturer
  22. Sargsyan Lianna - lecturer
  23. Abazyan Narine - lecturer
  24. Vardanyan Lianna - lecturer
  25. Hakobyan Sona - lecturer
  26. Arakelyan Narine - lecturer
  27. Barseghyan Rima- assistant
  28. Grigoryan Gayane - assistant
  29. Dallakyan Gayane - assistant
  30. Tovmasyan Karine - assistant
  31. Avanesyan Anush - assistant
  32. Baghdasaryan Renata - assistant
  33. Avetisyan Anush - assistant
  34. Shahnazaryan Izabella - assistant
  35. Zazyan Gayane - assistant
  36. Mkheyan Emma - assistant
  37. Ashughyan Silva - assistant
  38. Mkheyan Emma - assistant
  39. Ashughyan Silva - assistant
  40. Arzumanya Satenik - assistant
  41. Manukyan Lilit - assistant
  42. Mkhitaryan Marina - assistant
  43. Hovsepyan Arusyan - assistant
  44. Samsonyan Lilit - assistant
  45. Aramyan Hasmik - lecturer
  46. Kokhlikyan Marieta- assistant
  47. Soghoyan Galina - assistant
  48. Avagyan Manush - assistant
  49. Grigoryan Svetlanna - assistant
  50. Zohrabyan Mane - assistant
  51. Hakobyan Narine - assistant
  52. Grigoryan Susanna - assistant
  53. Sukiasyan Arpine - assistant
  54. Karapetyan Nvard - assistant
  55. Nazaryan Qnarik - assistant
  56. Terteryan Ofelya - senior laboratory assistant
  57. Olshevskaya Gyulnara - senior laboratory assistant
  58. Davtyan Mariam - junior laboratory assistant
  59. Meloyan Gayane - assistant
  60. Sahakyan Svetlana - assistant
  61. Davtyan Marine - junior laboratory assistant

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