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Chair of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Virology

Head of Chair
Marmaryan Gayane

The Chair of Biochemistry was founded in 1928. The very first head of chair was V.A.Kamentsev, later famous academicians as A. Ioannisyan, H. Buniatyan, A. Babayan, professors L. Davtyan, M. Gasparyan, G. Kamalyan. The chair of Microbiology and Virology was founded in 1929. In 2013 the two chairs of "Biochemistry" and “Microbiology and Virology” were united. From 2013 till 2017 head of chair was A.V.Vardanyan, and since March of 2017 doctor of sciences, docent G.Marmaryan was appointed as acting head of chair.
Scientific research works implemented by the staff of chair and Metabolism Problem Laboratory are in the direction of influence of biologically active amines (ethanolamine, acetyl-ethanolamine, sulphoethanolamine, succinyl ethanolamine) and mineral elements (bentonite, zeolite) on the growth and development of farm animals and plants as well as at the clarification of biochemical, physiological and immunological mechanisms underlying its basis. 2 textbooks on biochemistry, manuals, monographs and brochures have been written and published by the staff of chair. Due to the hard work done by the professorial pedagogical staff of the chair for the first time 4 textbooks on microbiology, 3 textbooks on virology, 3 monographs, manuals have been published in Armenian language. Lecturers and researchers have always shown active participation in international conferences, have presented 150 scientific reports, have published 650 scientific articles and have received numerous copyright patents.
The staff of the chair took part in various international events on biochemistry, as well as symposiums on biochemistry organized under the aegis of FEBS (Federation of the Societies of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), ISN (International Society for Neurochemistry), and UNESCO. Antibiotics Problem Laboratory has been operating adherent to the chair since 1963. The scientists of this department conducted researches in the direction of lactic acid bacteria in local races, and several other local preservation duration, tea mushroom culture fluid comprehensive and in-depth research directions. S.S.Avakian, docent of the chair, has developed a new way of disinfectant preparations detection and quality control.


Acting head of chair is Marmaryan Gayane 

  1. Kamalyan Romik- doctor of sciences, professor
  2. Marmaryan Gayane - doctor of sciences, docent
  3. Harutyunyan Hasmik - candidate of sciences, docent
  4. Harutyunyan Artur - candidate of sciences, docent
  5. Avagyan Sargis - candidate of sciences, docent
  6. Martirosyan Rafik - candidate of sciences, docent
  7. Avagyan Aram - candidate of sciences, docent
  8. Avagyan Lusine - assistant
  9. Yaralyan Gohar - assistant
  10. Movsisyan Anahit - senior laboratory assistant
  11. Babayan Nazeli - senior laboratory assistant
  12. Matosyan Karine - senior laboratory assistant
  13. Aleksanyan Tatevik - junior laboratory assistant
  14. Zhamkochyan Svetlanna - junior laboratory assistant
  15. Ghazaryan Anahit - laboratory assistant

"Biochemistry", "Clinique Biochemistry", "Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology", "Veterinary Virology", "Sanitary Microbiology", "Microbiology", "Milk and dairy products Microbiology", "Leather and Fur Microbiology", "Children and functional foods Microbiology", "Fish and Fishery Products Microbiology", ՞Wine and wine products Microbiology".


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