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Chair of Food Industry Equipment

Head of Chair
Beglaryan Anahit 

The chair of Milk Technologies’ Equipment, established in 1968, for number of years was headed by docent T.M. gabrielyan.
The chair of Food Industry Equipment since 1995 was headed by engineer, professor V.A.Tumanyan. Docents such as S.Sh. Shakaryan, A.R.Beglaryan, E.G.Mailova, H.A. Hakobyan, A.R. Hakobyan, A.V. Tumanyan, R.A.Baklachyan, senior lecturer H.A.Minasyan have lectured for long years. And the Chair of leather and Fur technology, Food Industry Equipment were separately established in 1995. Since the day of its foundation the Chair of Leather and Fur was headed by Professor S.M. Margaryan.

In 2007 the Chairs of Leather and Fur Technology and the Chair of Food Industry Equipment and Packing Technology were integrated into one chair, and the Chair of Food Industry Equipment, Packing and Leather and Fur Technology was founded.
The chair has a problem laboratory. About 200 scientific articles, 3 monographs and 4 educational manuals have been published; numerous copyrights and certificates were received.
Students periodically take part in different international expeditions and have won about 15 prizes. Today, alumni of this chair have serious investment in the field of packing technology of Armenia. 


Head of chair is Beglaryan Anahit - doctor of sciences, professor

  1. Margaryan Sokrat - doctor of sciences, professor
  2. Hakobyan Hayastan - candidate of sciences, docent
  3. Mailova Eleonora - candidate of sciences, docent
  4. Hakobyan Arusyak - candidate of sciences, docent
  5. Minasyan Karen - candidate of sciences, docent
  6. Tumanyan Anna - candidate of sciences, docent
  7. Petrosyan Armenuhi - candidate of sciences, lecturer
  8. Gevorgyan Tamara - lecturer
  9. Avetikyan Marieta - assistant
  10. Tarminyan Mane - assitant
  11. Saroyan Anahit - senior laboratory assistant
  12. Darbinyan Ani - senior laboratory assistant
  13. Nikolyan Lilit - senior laboratory assistant
  14. Davtyan Nelly- senior laboratory assistant
  15. Manasyan Lusya - junior laboratory assistant


"Refrigeration Techniques", "Processes and Apparatus of Food Production", "Technological Equipment of Milk, Meat, Fish, Winemaking, Canning, Bread, Macaroni Industry", "Leather and Fur Technology", "Agricultural and Food Stuff Production Packing and Design", "Chemistry and Technology of Leather and Fur", "Leather and Fur Reprocessing", "Leather and Fur Production Refuse Reprocessing", "Standardization and Certification of Leather and Fur", "Technology of General Chemistry", "Processes and Apparatus of   Leather and Fur Chemical Technology".


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