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hen-gearHen-Gear Project
Higher Education Network for Human Capital Assessment and Graduate Employability in Armenia


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In order to register and fill in the questionnaire, please, click here : http://hengear.anqa.am

About NEN GEAR project

The  Hen-Gear project aims to uphold the higher education reforms and modernization process in place in Eastern Neighboring Area, by addressing quality assessment and support of graduates’ employability in Armenia

The project will support Armenian Universities in identifying instruments and methodologies to improve the effectiveness of education system through the implementation, at local levelof graduates database system that,  pursue two main goals:

  1. provide an efficient tool to Universities and Government for the monitoring of long lasting impact of HE on society and improving educational supply accordingly;
  2. supporting employability and collaboration between education and business sector.

The system will allow enterprises to search for graduates to employ according to specific skill needs while allowing graduates comprehensive and democratic access to labour market. The project will be supported by AlmaLaurea, in strong collaboration with Armenian Universities in  cluding ANAU. 
For detailed information, please, refer to:  

HEN GEAR project objectives

General Objectives

The projects  aims at establish an integrated demand supply matching model based on the graduates’ database designed for:

  • collect and analyze data on university and graduates performances
  • facilitate the placement of graduates in the labor market
  • improve internal and external efficiency of the higher education system

Specific Objectives:

  • Implement
  • Produce the first Armenian Graduates Profile Survey
  • Design of the first Armenian Graduates Job conditions Survey (one year after graduation)
  • Set up

HEN GEAR project beneficiaries  

Armenian Graduates:

  • Free of charge get and use of placement services
  • Easy access to information on job/internship opportunities
  • Improve career guidance and placement opportunities
  • Certification of academic career
  • Democratic and qualified access to labor market

Local business/companies

  • Availability of CV regularly updated by graduates
  • CV search facilities
  • Exploitation of DB information
  • Possibility to check and compare profiles of graduates to hire

Partner Universities

  • Obtain reliable, timely and regularly updated statistical data useful for improving educational programs
  • Have documentary evidence for all decisional processes and activity planning
  • Get a comprehensive system of information for the assessment of both internal and external efficiency
  • Facilitate the placement of graduates in labor markets

 Governing bodies of Higher Education and Labor

  • Regular provision of effective, efficient and transparent indicators  and documentation for monitoring needs, budget share allocation, evaluation of universities performance, observation of continuing education programs

 Why register into the HEN GEAR platform

 After registering into the HEN GEAR platform Graduates will have:

  •      Free of charge get and use of placement services
  •            Easy access to information on job/internship opportunities
  •      Improve placement opportunities and career guidance
  •          Certification of academic career
  •      Democratic and qualified access to labour market
  •      Opportunity to enhance their university and by assessing their academic experience in the online questionnaire


a.When  registr into the HEN GEAR platform ?
   Just before the graduation moment

b.How to registr into the HEN GEAR platform ?
   In order to register and fill in the questionnaire, please, click here :     http://hengear.anqa.am

c.Where can I  get the information ?

Graduands must be informed about the Project objectives and its benefits, dissemination        material and informative actions can take place in all university premises used by the              students: University Career Center, Departments,  libraries, secretariats, career offices,          administrative offices etc.


 e. ………………

For additional information and assistance, please, visit the ANAU Career Placement and Counseling Department.

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