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Chair of Higher Mathematics and Theoretical Mechanics

Head of Chair  
Khachatryan Aghavard

The Chair of Mathematics of Armenian Agricultural Institute was founded in 1937-1938, and was headed by H.M.Grigoryan, later academician A.L.Shahinyan, Professor V.V.Saghatelyan and other famous mathematics. Currently the head of chair is Doctor of Physical Mathematical Sciences, Professor A. Khachatryan. During the last 10 years about 120 scientific articles have been published, which mainly have been published in international journals. The results of scientific works have been reported in more than 15 international conferences. Scientific works of chair staff members have been published mainly in US, England, India, Russia and CIS member states’ journals. For making the educational process more effectively more than 25 methodical instructions, manuals and other kind of works have been published.

Special attention is paid to the organizing the scientific research works of the students. During the recent years student symposiums are held, and the students of economists and engineers have presented their reports. Training of qualified and skillful specialists has always been a priority for the chair staff. Periodically scientific seminars and discussions are held by the head of chair A. Khachatryan.

The Staff

Head of chair is Khachatryan Aghavard - doctor of sciences, professor

  1. Danielyan Leynad - candidate of sciences, professor
  2. Barseghyan Hovhannes - candidate of sciences, docent
  3. Manukyan Emil - candidate of sciences, docent
  4. Muradyan Aram - candidate of sciences, docent
  5. Hambardzumyan Samvel - candidate of sciences, docent
  6. Bazikyan Susanna- candidate of sciences, docent
  7. Andriyan Silva - candidate of sciences, docent
  8. Virabyan Eranuhi - candidate of sciences, docent
  9. Khachatryan Gevorg - candidate of sciences, docent
  10. Terjyan Tsolak - candidate of sciences, docent
  11. Barseghyan Ani - candidate of sciences, docent
  12. Broyan Marine - candidate of sciences, assistant
  13. Petrosyan Haykanush - candidate of sciences, assistant
  14. Hasratyan Marianna - senior lecturer
  15. Avagyan Svetlanna - senior lecturer
  16. Khachatryan Naira - assistant
  17. Azizyan Hermine - assistant
  18. Harutyunyan Heriknaz - assistant
  19. Sisakyan Arusyak - assistant
  20. Khachatryan Hamayak - assistant
  21. Margaryan Gohar- assistant
  22. Nahapetyan Anahit - senior specialist
  23. Hovsepyan Armine - junior laboratory assistant

"Higher Mathematics", "Theoretical Mechanics", "Theory of Possibilities and Mathematical Statistics", "Linear Algebra", "Equations of Mathematical Physics","Special Course of Higher Mathematics", "Analytical Mechanics".


2015-2016 academic year multifactorial components

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