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Chair of Tractors and Agricultural Machines

Head of Chair 
Aramayis Esoyan

Chair of Tractors and Agricultural Machines was established upon the decision of the Board of Trustees during the session held on November 6, as a result of the unification of the chairs of Automobiles and Tractors and Agricultural Machines.

Chair of Automobiles and Tractors, founded in 1943, was headed by Docent E.A. Mkrtumyan, and in 1966 the Chair of Automobiles was founded by Professor H.V.Maksapetyan. Above mentioned two chairs united and in 1980 the Chair of Automobiles and Tractors was founded, which was headed by H.V.Maksapetyan till 1990. Currently Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor N.A.Bazikyan is the head of chair. Since the day of foundation scientific research activity has reached the highest level. 6 doctorate dissertations and 26 theses have been defended so far. During the last 10 years about 250 scientific articles, 4 monographs, 74 methodical works (including 7 manuals, 2 textbooks, 70 methodical instructions) have been published, 45 copyrights have been received.

At present the chair staff carries out scientific works mainly in two directions: optimization problems of dynamic and technological characteristics of the tractor aggregate in the conditions of mountain soil-cultivation and optimal systems of managing and exploitation of motor transport means. The chair material and technical base is being renovated year by year, which ensures the educational program productivity and adequateness to the requirements of modernity.

The chair cooperates with Moscow, Tbilisi, Minsk Universities, as well as Krasnodar and Stavropol institutions, Yerevan Polytechnic University. In the framework of collaboration with these universities scientific consultations are held, researches are conducted. The chair also collaborates with the RA Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Ministry of Agriculture, Yerevan’s Transportation Administration, corresponding divisions with the RA Police, as well as with different private companies.

Chair of Agricultural Machinery was founded in 1931 as a Chair of Machinery Science. Professor S.Sahakyan, one of the leading engineer-mechanics headed the chair from 1931 to 1971. From 1972 to 1977 professor Kh.A.Khachatryan has been the head of chair. From 1977-2008 Professor Sh.M.Grigoryan headed the chair. 2008-2017 the chair headed A.M. Esoyan. Since April of 2017 the head of the chair is P. Tonapetyan.

Scientific-research works mainly were carried out in the following directions: reconstruction and increase of tractors in different geographical areas, the interaction of agricultural machinery wheels’ rim and soil, the assimilation problems of mountain regions, designing, preparing, practicing and introducing stone-collecting machine.

From the first day of its foundation special attention is paid to staff training. Hundreds of Doctors and Candidates of Science work not only in the ANAU but in different educational and scientific research centers conducts active scientific-pedagogical works, are engaged in preparation of educational methodical material and etc. Employees of chair have received more than 100 copyright patents; have published more than 400 scientific works.

The chair cooperates with other chairs, farms, Moscow, Krasnodar, Doni Rostov, Vladikavkaz, Georgia agrarian and engineering universities.

The Staff

Head of chair is Aramayis Esoyan - doctor of sciences, professor

    1. Bazikyan Norik - doctor of sciences, professor
    2. Manasaryan Grigori - doctor of sciences, professor
    3. Tonapetyan Pargev- candidate of sciences, docent
    4. Harutyunyan Vachik - candidate of sciences, docent
    5. Mosikyan Karapet - candidate of sciences, docent
    6. Balayan Razmik - candidate of sciences, docent
    7. Hovhannisyan Aram - candidate of sciences, docent
    8. Tonapetyan Pargev - candidate of sciences, docent
    9. Vardanyan Vardan - candidate of sciences, docent
    10. Simonyan Arman - candidate of sciences, docent
    11. Jinyan Artur - candidate of sciences, docent
    12. Hovhannisyan Samvel - candidate of sciences, docent
    13. Melkonyan Anahit - candidate of sciences, docent
    14. Alaverdyan Manvel - candidate of sciences, docent
    15. Mkrtchyan Hayk - candidate of sciences, docent
    16. Smoyan Mkhitar - senior lecturer
    17. Sirekanya samvel - candidate of sciences, docent
    18. Melikyan Vahan - candidate of sciences, docent
    19. Barseghyan Marina - candidate of sciences, assistant
    20. Khachatryan Sargis - candidate of sciences, docent
    21. Ramazyan Vache - assistant
    22. Asatryan Volodya - assistant
    23. Matevosyan Ani - assistant
    24. Galfayan Ashot - senior specialist
    25. Yavroyan Lilia - senior laboratory assistant
    26. Grigoryan Aleqsan - head of laboratory
    27. Martisroyan Gohar - junior laboratory assistant
    28. Petrosyan Suren - junior laboratory assistant
    29. Papinyan Margarita - senior laboratory assistant
    30. Shaghoyan Vicktoria - senior laboratory assistant


"Tractors and Automobiles","Fuels և Greases","Auto Transportation Devises in Agri-industrial System","Automobile Motors","Technical Exploitation of Automobiles","Transportation and Loading-Unloading Works","Organization of Road Traffic and Security", "Engineering Psychology", "Automobile Roads" ,"Expertise of Road Transportation Accidents","Automat Systems of Transportation Process Management","Joint Transportation System and Specialized Contingent of Agrarian Importance","Technical Devises of Road Traffic Management" "Agricultural and Melioration Machinery", "Melioration Building Machinery", "Hoist Transportation Machinery", "Wood Machinery and Tools", "Felling and Hoist Transportation Machinery".


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