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Study and Life in Vienna

I am Hayk Karapetyan, I study at Armenian National Agrarian University as a PhD student of the Department of Agribusiness and Economics in the field of Agrarian Economy and continued one semester of my education in Vienna  

at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU). First of all, I would like to express my acknowledgements to all the people and organizations, who supported this exchange program and helped me to spend a semester here at BOKU. From the very first days of preparation to apply for a study semester at BOKU, I got all the necessary support and information from my home university and especially from the coordinator of the program Satik Avagyan and the Head of International Relations Department Garegin Hambardzumyan. I want to express my big thanks to all the professors and staff of BOKU for supporting me during these 4 months and helping to achieve my objectives. Special thanks to Nathalie Schwaiger and Katrin Hasenhundl for support during the preparation, administration, welcoming at university and all other official procedures. Huge thanks to Milena Klimek for guiding me to choose appropriate courses for my studies and especially for her efforts in helping me to work on my PhD research work. Starting from the first day all the parties supported me in any questions, and all the work was done on a very high level, big thanks!
I am very satisfied with BOKU, here I could see all the conditions which help students to maximally concentrate on their studies and gain much knowledge. The phenomenon in here is that a student is considered as the main stakeholder and everything is done to provide students with high-quality education. Professors were very professional in their fields and served learning material in interesting ways to meet students’ expectations. University facilities help students in all their activities, here are available all the necessary conditions for students, so you don’t have to waste time and can fully concentrate on your studies. University is equipped with modern technology, which helps you to get more information and study better. One of the best parts about courses was that you could choose not only seminars, but also field trips and interdisciplinary courses, which help you not only to learn the theoretical parts of the subjects, but also to see the processes practically. During my mobility I did research in the field of organic farming, visited different farms and production plants getting acquanited with the culture of organic sector. I witnessed the advantages of BOKU in terms of studying processes, university facilities, infrastructures and will share that information at my home university, and I am sure that experience will be helpful.
During these months I experienced a whole new reality, this was a life-changing experience. I knew a lot of people, each one of them with their unique background and life. Intercultural communication helps you to broaden your worldview; it gives knowledge about other countries, cultures and traditions. This experience was not only about studying, but also finding other more important aspects of life. These kinds of experiences help you to become a better and more responsible World Citizen. Life in Vienna is totally different than in my home city; in cities like these you can see and feel the quality of life and harmonious coexistence of old and new architecture, different people and nations, different lifestyles and cultures. Vienna is one of the best cities I’ve ever been to and maybe the best one for living, in future I will be very happy to see more similarities between my home city and Vienna, and I will take my part and do my best in that transformation.
I always tell to myself that in order to understand the size and impact of something you should get out and look at it from the side. The same happened to me when I returned, when I compare my experience in Vienna with the life in my home city, then totally new conclusions can be made. In one thing I’m totally sure, I returned as a new person; as a student with new knowledge, as a traveler with new culture, and a guy as a World Citizen.
This big chain of life and study in Vienna is made of small, but very important details, the absence of which would make the chain incomplete, thanks to everyone for their support during this experience, people with whom the chain of my life is complete.


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