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Guidelines for writing master thesis

Responsibilities of the supervisor and the rules of writing and presenting the master's thesis

Supervisor is supposed to give instructions and support evaluating and choosing the options of possible decisions, but the final decisions are the issue of Master’s student choice, he /she is responsible for the made decisions, as well as for the approved results and facts. Master’s student scientific research draft paper is reviewed by the immediate participation of the supervisor and then the verification of the thesis is discussed with the student. Hence, the prediction of the research intention is carried out. The supervisor not only participates in the processing of the future thesis presentation of the draft paper, but also conducts other activities with Master’s student, such as:

1. advises on the selection of the literature, reference books, statistics and archive sources according to the subject.

2.conducts preliminary discussions with the Master's student

3.evaluates the completed research subject chapters and as a unity

4.personally participates at Master's student's research reports and thesis presentation

5.supervises the formation of the thesis presentation in accordance with the standard requirements

6.approves the thesis for presentation

7.controls the deadline for submitting the thesis to the Department of Master Studies.

The final thesis version, in accordance with the scientific supervisor and appropriate department, is presented to the Department of Master Studies, after which is sent for approval out of ANAU to the same science area or to authoritative professionals in industry.

The structure of master's thesis

1. Cover page -1 page

2. Content - 1-2 pages

3. Summary - 0,5 page

4. Introduction - 1-2 pages

5. Literature review - 10 (chapter 1)

6. The targets, problems and methods of the study -3-5 pages

7. Main chapters

8. The evaluation of economic effectiveness

9. Resolutions and suggestions

10. List of literature

11. Appendixes

The main chapters are formulated according to the Master’s program department majors, the origin of the thesis subject ( economical, experimental, scientific - experimental), Master’s student personal working plan. Master’s student thesis is due to be 60-70 computer pages. As a matter of fact the Master’s student thesis is estimated not only for the theoretic value , up-to date subject and obtained results, but also for creative methodological preparation, that is reflected in the process of the formation and the structure. The cover letter is the first page that has strict structure of the pattern. In the content are mentioned all main chapters and sub-chapters with the pages in order.

In the introduction are to be highlighted:

  • 1. the modernity of the subject
  • 2. the aim of the research, problems and methodology
  • 3. the object of the study or the subject
  • 4. the novelty of the scientific research
  • 5. the publications

The literature review should include the summary of researches on the subject of thesis, scientific achievements and leading experience with critique approach.


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