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Chair of Accountancy and Audit

Head of Chair
Gevorgyan Julieta 

Chair of Accountancy and Audit was founded in 1970.
The very first head of chair was candidate of economic sciences, docent S.Titanyan(1970-1978), later docents Kh.Avagyan(1978-1984), V.Qlyan(1984-1992), A.Eghikyan(1992-1995 and 1999-2009), professor G.Hayrumyan(1995-1999). Since 2009 docent Julieta Gevorgyan has been working as head of chair.
The whole educational process is organized according to the requirements and internatiooal standarts.
Currently the chair is actively engaged in Bologna process reformation activities. Lecturers of cheair have been trained in internatrional agricultural centers and organizations in Germany, Holland, USA.

Every year students represent their reports in student conferences.
Lecturers are actively engaged in scientific works and researches, that have theoretical and practical importance. Some of the have made really valuable scientific suggestions that have been appluied in the industry. Books concerning the accountancy field have been translated. 
More than 300 articles have been published by the lectrurers of chair Lecturers take part in annual conference held at ANAU representing the importance of accountany and auditing for developing the agricultural science.


Head of chair is Gevorgyan Julieta - candidate of sciences, docent

  1. Ayrumyan Irina - candidate of sciences, docent
  2. Valasanyan Marieta - candidate of sciences, docent
  3. Alaverdyan Ninel - Senior lecturer
  4. Markosyan Sevak - candidate of sciences, lecturer
  5. Melkonyan Anna - candidate of sciences, lecturer
  6. Parsadanyan Tamara - candidate of sciences, lecturer
  7. Hakobjanyan Roman - candidate of sciences, lecturer
  8. Bekoyan Ervand - assistant
  9. Ayvazyan Hasmik - assistant
  10. Karjikyan Anahit - assistant
  11. Avetyan Tamara - assistant
  12. Karapetyan Manya - assistant
  13. Mghdesyan Meri - assistant
  14. Shahinyan Larisa - assistant
  15. Shahinyan Alisa - assistant
  16. Hovhannisyan ashkhen - assistant
  17. Abrahamyan Tatevik - senior laboratory assistant
"Theory of Accountancy", "Accountancy Theory", "Finance and Management Accountancy", " ases of Accountancy", "Accountancy and Audit', "Accountancy in Agriculture", "Accountancy in Budget Enterprises", "Accountancy in Banks", "Tax Accounting", "Control and Audit", "Market Analyze" and etc.

2015-2016 academic year multifactorial components

ANAU, I building, room #433a
Tel. (37410) 52 84 90, int. 3-35
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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