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Training in Almería

16-20 April, 2018 within the framework of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Project, the employees of Armenian National Agrarian University participated in the “9th International Staff Week” organized by the University of Almira, Spain. Representatives from more than 28 European countries: the United States and CIS countries took part in the international event.

The “9th International staff week” was organized at a high level, during which representatives of each country shared their experience, theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition to the working relations, warm friendly relations were formed.
Within the framework of the International week an exhibition was organized in the Campus of the University of Almeria, with the participation of foreign students from different faculties of the University. The main goal of the event was to give participants an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of different nations. Among them were also Armenian students, who, in turn, introduced Armenian culture and cuisine to the guests.
In addition to daily discussions during the seminars, each staff member of ANAU had meetings at the relevant department of UAL, got acquainted with their activities sharing her experience and acquiring valuable knowledge to apply it at Home University.

Satik Avagyan, Leading Specialist of the International Relations Department together with other partner Universities, has the opportunity to present Armenian National Agrarian University, its internationalization process, implementing projects, as well as the current priorities in the international cooperation. A number of events, work meetings, workshops and discussions were organized within the framework of the International Week, during which the activities, problems and solutions within the international credit mobility and capacity bulding projects, as well as the best practice in writing successful project proposal were presented. During her visit Satik Avagyan got acquainted not only with the internationalization process, international projects, mobility process of students and staff, but also with the international experience of other participationg Universities discussing with them the prospects of further cooperation.

It is notheworthy to mention also about the cultural events, which enabled to know the ancient history and custums of Almeria, especially flamenco, the spanish folk dance, which perfectly describes the people and culture of this warm country. This mobility has given an opportunity to gain knew professional skills and abilities, new friends, to establish new cooperation relationships, which will be used for the benefit of Armenian National Agrarian University.
Elmira Smbatyan, from the HR and Special Department, met with Vicente Pecino Medina, the Head of Human Resources Management Service of the University of Almeria, and several employees of the Unit. She made a presentation about the work of ANAU HR and Special Department, the cooperation activities with the university employees and all the possible methods of organizing the working process for the benefit of its employees.
The Host University staff also presented their work, particularly, how to choose the right professionals motivating them and promoting team work. Mr. Vicente promised to visit Armenian National Agrarian University in summer to share his experience and discuss the possible areas for cooperation. Lilit Papikyan, Leading Specialist of the Center of Information Technologies and Innovation Programs also participated in the International Week in the University of Almeria. During the International Week, she visited different departments and studied their experience. As an IT center employee, she also had the opportunity to visit the IT Department of the University of Almira, where she presented the ANAU experience and the application of new technologies in the learning process. During the International Week, she also visited e - classrooms, libraries, studied their virtual classroom experience. The staff of the University of Almeria also presented the mobile application, with the help of which the students can correctly orientate at the university, contact with lecturers, and find out the exam grades and their credits.


On 16-20 April, 2018 within the framework of the Erasmus+ KA1 International Credit Mobility Programme, I, as an ANAU team member, had the opportunity to participate in the 9th International Week organized at the University of Almería, Spain. The University of Almeria hosted 65 participants from 28 countries within the framework of the International Week: USA and Canada, Europe, Iraq, Albania, CIS countries and South Korea.
Participation in seminars, discussions, and presentations during the International Week gave us the opportunity to meet new people, share our experiences and knowledge, start new partnerships, and, why not, get acquainted with the nature, history and culture of wonderful Andalusia.
In addition to the 9th International Week Events, I also had productive working meetings with Noelia Ubeda Jimenez, Programme Officer at Almería University Foundation, and Matias Garcia Fernandez, Head of Almería University Employment Service. During the meetings, the peculiarities of the work of different departments of the Almeria University Employment Service were presented and the activities implemented to increase the employability of university students and alumni were discussed. Also it is worth mentioning that the Almería University colleagues’ experience of employers’ engagement in active cooperation with university was very valuable.
Our hosts responded positively to the idea of further, more versatile cooperation between the University of Almeria and ANAU and expressed readiness to support all prospective proposals in the future.

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