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Tuesday, June 05

Minister of Agriculture handed diplomas and certificates to graduates

The newly appointed Armenian Minister of Agriculture, Artur Khachatryan, Director of Sustainable Development Office, USAID/Armenia, Lyla Andrews Bashan, Professor of Texas A&M and founder of ATC, John Nichols, ANAU Rector Arshaluys Tarverdyan, and representative of Geisenheim University,

Linda Bitsch were among the dignitaries who celebrated the achievements of 29 Undergraduate Agribusiness and 17 Master of Agribusiness (MAB) students of the Agribusiness Teaching Center (ATC) as well as 14 graduates of the EVN Wine Academy together with parents, students and faculty at the assembly hall of the Armenian National Agrarian University on June 5, 2018.
Both undergraduate and MAB programs of ATC are funded by USAID/Armenia, in the scope of its InnovATE/Armenia project. ATC wished “green light” to its 17th and 7th graduate classes, respectively, while EVN was honoring its 3rd graduates.
“With the Ministry of Agriculture having started vital reforms in Armenia’s agriculture, you the ATC graduates are those professionals who will bear the responsibility in bringing agriculture to a technologically higher level,” said Minister Khachatryan.
He challenged the graduates to use their knowledge, communication skills and connections to improve the entire value chain from soil to table.
ICARE/ATC Director, Vardan Urutyan thanked USAID and other donors and partners on behalf of the graduates and students, saying that this world class education would not possible without the generous support from them. He was pleased to report about a new culture established in ATC: former students who have become true specialists in different fields of activity return to ATC, return to ATC as guest lecturers to offer their experiences to the current students.
“We all look forward to seeing you in the forefront of the generation creating the New Armenia,” Dr. Urutyan said.
Representatives of the three graduating classes thanked ANAN, ATC and EVN as well as donors and partners for the modern knowledge and skills they have acquired during the years of study. Gevorg Ter-Grigoryan, graduate of the undergraduate program said, “ATC gave us the ability to think out of box: for me these words translates as dream big and never give up. ATC is not all about books, ATC is all about values that we learned form out instructors and that we will lead us to taking the responsibility for the country’s economy as the freedom generation.”
Minister Khachatryan, Ms. Bashan, Rector Tarverdyan, and Dr. Nichols handed ANAU diplomas and certificates of Texas A&M to ATC graduates as well as certificates from Geizenheim University to graduates of EVN Wine Academy. “Dear graduates, wherever you go, remember that your alma-mater will always be waiting for you. With the high class of your education, now all doors are open for you to ensure the progress in the Armenian food and agriculture field,” Rector Tarverdyan said, summarizing the ceremony. Then he joked, “And don’t forget, after all, you received your diplomas and certificates from the hands of the Minister of Agriculture, which implies there will be no problem to find jobs in the field.” More than 90 percent of ATC graduates find professional jobs within a few months after graduation, while EVN students are employed in the rapidly developing wine industry even before they graduate.


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